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Star Wars Legion: Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft Unit Expansion

Star Wars Legion: Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft Unit Expansion


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Defend Kashyyyk with the Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! A compact scout craft used to patrol the dense wroshyr forests of Kashyyyk, this fluttercraft is fast, deadly, and packs a nasty sting. Whether harrying the enemy with bowcaster fire or expertly- lobbed grenades, the fluttercraft is a formidable addition to the Wookiee arsenal.
Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add a Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft to your Republic armies as a support unit. A beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic miniature brings this unit to life on your tabletop, while a unit card outlines all of its capabilities, including the new Overrun keyword. Finally, five upgrade cards invite you to choose exactly how this unit behaves in combat.
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  • Wargames Illustrated Magazine Issue 417 September 2022

    BP-WI417 - Wargames Illustrated 417
    Modelling snippets from your fellow wargamers.

    Your monthly roundup of notable new releases in the hobby.

    Dom Sore scans the ether for quality or quirky new wargames products.

    Neil Smith’s look at forthcoming book releases that would be worthy recipients of your shelf space.

    theme: Frame focus - North Africa painting part one: tabletop ready
    Callum grabs this issue’s four free Warlord Games frames and shows us how he achieved great results in no time at all.

    Horses for Courses
    Napoleonic gamer Jack Travis checks out how the new Victrix British Heavy Dragoons measure up against the other Heavy Dragoon plastics on the market.

    theme: The Desert War in miniature
    Dr David B James has been working on his 10mm/12mm WWII desert warfare figures for over a decade. Wi recently visited The Worcester Wargames Club, where David is a member, and snapped some photos of his inspiring collection. Here David tells us all about them.

    The Battle of Trautenau
    Inspired by our June 2022 magazine theme, The Prussian Empire, Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray introduces us to the great gaming potential offered by a little-known battle fought on 27 June 1866, during the Austro-Prussian War.

    theme: Rommel’s Favourites
    Dom Sore looks at the Bersaglieri, dapper looking Italian elites who made a huge impact during the World War Two North Africa campaign.

    In our last issue, Charles Rowntree showed us how to recreate the landscape around the River Imjin in Korea, this time he talks about gaming over his lovingly crafted tabletop contours.

    theme: Building Biscari Airfield - Sicily 1943
    Anschluss Wargames’ Peter (Bunny) Warren takes us through the build process for this highly detailed 12mm scale demo game made for Partizan, May 2022.

    The joy of six - show report
    Editor Dan travels to Sheffield, England to indulge in The Joy of Six.

    the battle of new ross
    Following on from last month free form gaming article, Pete Brown presents a battle fought in that unrestricted style.

    Historicon 2022
    Our stateside roving reporter Dave Taylor heads to the biggest historical wargaming convention of the year and reports back on some of his favourite games.

    WI Issue 417
  • Wargames Illustrated Magazine Issue 418 October 2022

    BP-WI418 - Wargames Illustrated 418
    Modelling ‘shorts’ from your fellow wargamers.
    Your monthly roundup of notable new releases in the hobby.
    Dom Sore scans the interweb for quality and/or quirky new wargames products.
    Neil Smith’s look at forthcoming book releases worthy of wargamers’ attention.
    theme: Valour & Fortitude Jervis johnson Q&A
    We chat with game design legend Jervis Johnson who has dived back into historical gaming since his retirement from Games Workshop last year and created the Valour & Fortitude Napoleonic rules.
    pseudo-nostalgia with Mark’s Little Soldiers
    Wi’s James asks sculpting legend Mark Copplestone about his changing wargaming tastes, how his new inter-war range finds beauty in simplicity, the progress being made with the Mark’s Little Soldiers wargame, and what the heck ‘pseudo-nostalgia’ means!
    theme: The Battle for Wurzen
    Jervis Johnson shows off his new (and free with this issue) Valour & Fortitude rules with a custom scenario that featured in his own V&F campaign.
    North Africa painting part two: a second pass
    Last issue, Callum painted North Africa themed Bolt Action figures in half an hour; this time around, he paints the same models for an additional half an hour, using different painting approaches to elevate their look.
    theme: The Battle for Wurzen playthrough
    In this pictorial battle report an assemblage of wargaming’s elite come together to contest the Battle for Wurzen. With terrain and miniatures from Alan Perry’s magnificent personal collection.
    02 Hundred Hours battle report
    02 Hundred Hours designer Graham Davey visited WiHQ to play this new game. His British SAS attackers took on James’ German defenders in a WWII Sabotage mission fought under the cover of darkness.
    theme: Valour & Fortitude. army lists, fate tables, and special rules
    Jervis Johnson presents sheets for French and Prussian Napoleonic armies which will serve you well in any gaming that takes place during the War of the Sixth Coalition, the Hundred Days Campaign, and beyond.
    Pantile Painting
    James quickly builds, textures, and paints Charlie Foxtrot’s Pantile House 7 to join Wi’s desert terrain collection.
    britcon 2022
    After a two-year hiatus, the British Historical Games Society returned with their prestige event, Britcon 2022. The show had moved from Manchester University to Nottingham Trent University, so Wargames Illustrated took a shorter than usual trip to check out the new venue and chat with organiser Tim Porter.
    A slumbering dragon no more
    The Wargames Illustrated team looks at new releases from Wargames Atlantic and Partizan Press and wonders if they might inspire more players to bring the often-overlooked Boxer Uprising, Eight Power War, and other Chinese battles to their workbenches, tabletops, club games, and campaigns.
    Whiterun Guard
    Wi’s Painter Callum completes a group of Whiterun Guard, ready to defend Dragonsreach in the Skyrim Civil War, highlighting techniques that can be used on loads of different fantasy and historical figures.
    WI Issue 418
  • Wargames Illustrated Magazine Issue 420 December 2022

    QUICK FIRE! Your fellow wargamers talk teddy bears and (bang on trend!) Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne.
    OBSERVATION POST 10mm War of Spanish Succession, medieval civilians, World War Two raids, and Rampant sci-fi all feature in this month’s OP.
    RELEASE RADAR See what’s bleeping on Dom’s radar this month. FULL PAPER JACKET Your roundup of new and forthcoming wargamer worthy military history books.
    theme: Designer’s Notes - Never mind the billhooks deluxe With the imminent release of the all-singing, all-dancing version of Billhooks, we asked author Andy Callan to give us the backstory on the revamped rules and a guided tour of the new sections.
    show report: Tactica 2022 Wi Editor Dan reports on his recent trip to Hamburger Tactica, 2022 - Germany’s premier wargames show.
    theme: just talking billhooks Keen Billhooker Mike Peters presents a guide to the game’s core units (with a focus on the Wars of the Roses) and highlights a few of the new treats he found in his pre-release peek at Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe.
    how to... build an old west mine Paul Davies builds an impressive wooden mine head and track, ready for some quick draw gold rush action.
    theme: PAINTING harry hotspur Callum France shares his work on our Giants in Miniature release of Sir Henry Percy (aka Harry Hotspur), and explains how he achieved the shiny finish on Harry’s realistic metal armour. You can apply Callum’s approach to armour from various periods.
    Designer’s Notes: HAIL AGAIN CAESAR! Warlord Games have announced the arrival of the second edition of the popular Hail Caesar rules. We asked Rick Priestley what we might expect to see second time round.
    theme: furia francese Never Mind the Billhooks author Andy Callan presents a scenario for Italia; one of the new theatres in Billhooks Deluxe.
    Silver Bayonet society Finale - part two Our Silver Bayonet adventurers explore the lower depths beneath the Siege of Cadiz and face a fearsome final enemy in the concluding part of our campaign.
    theme: A Footsore Miniatures MEDIEVAL DIORAMA Painter Callum France shows how he made a versatile display base for various Footsore Miniatures medieval peasant figures.
    show report: The other partizan 2022 The Wi team head to the second Partizan of the year and are blown away by a bounty of beautiful gaming tables!
    WI Issue 420