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WarGameStore: Wirral wargames shop located between Chester and Liverpool serving Merseyside, Manchester, Lancashire & Wales with the best in table top war game and model supplies.

The complete range of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer, Warmachine, Hordes & Malifaux at 10% off retail prices. Visit our game store in Wirral, near Chester and Liverpool, or get next day delivery if you order from our website, free on orders over £40.
A comprehensive range of miniatures from Battlefront Miniatures Flames of War, Corvus Belli - Infinity, Warlord Games (Bolt Action, Hail Ceasar & Pike and Shotte), Perry Miniatures, Saga Miniatures, Victrix, Empress Miniatures & Dropzone Commander.  The complete range of Vallejo paints and a variety of other paint, models and accessories from Tamiya, Citadel and P3
Warhammer Wirral Merseyside and Magic The Gathering Wirral Merseyside Cheshire border. Visit our retail store on Brimstage Road, 1 mile from J4 of the M53 and midway between Games Workshop Chester and Games Workshop Liverpool. Also just 10 minutes from Cheshire Oaks.
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  • Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King`s Quest

    Embark on a fantasy adventure for up to 5 players with the Dungeon Saga board game. With highly detailed game-pieces and learn-as-you-play rules, this set contains everything you need to transform your tabletop into a deep and immersive world of heroes and monsters. Play a single game in just 30 minutes, or combine the carefully composed adventures for countless hours of classic quest gameplay:

    • Epic, story-driven campaign Classic quest atmosphere
    • Easy rules you can learn as you play
    • Characters that develop as the adventure unfolds
    • Beautifully illustrated 3D dungeons with doors, barrels, bookcases and more!
    • 26 detailed and fully assembled miniatures in coloured plastic
    • Evocative ‘ancient tome’ packaging in a protective sleeve

    One player takes the part of the evil dungeon overlord with the forces of evil at his command, and the others divide the mighty heroes between them. Each hero has strengths and weaknesses and teamwork is the key: The mighty barbarian can slaughter many foes at a time, yet he is lightly armoured and vulnerable to strong enemies. The Dwarf, on the other hand, is steadier as his thick armour can resist most attacks. The Elf is not as skilled a fighter as either of these, instead preferring to stay at a distance where her finely-honed archery skills can best be used. Finally, there is the wizard -the others may laugh at his lack of fighting skill, yet it is often his magic that carries the day. If the others can keep him alive, that is.

    This core set will be supported with a raft of expansion products as time goes on, adding new challenges and game modes to your Dungeon Saga. The first of these will be Adventurer's Companion which will add an AI system for solo and fully co-operative play, the ability to create unique characters from scratch using any model in your collection, the tools you need to design your own dungeons and much more!

    Due to the weight of this game, a delivery charge of £5 will be applied at the checkout.

    £50.00 save 10%


  • Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack Infinity

    Scenery is a key element to fully enjoying Infinity's gaming experience. A fast and easy way to get all the scenery you need is the new Infinity Scenery Packs. The Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack for Infinity contains a game-mat, six containers and four easy to assemble buildings. Ready to play!

  • Dactyls Steel Phalanx Support Corps

    The Support Corps of the Assault Subsection of the SSS is composed entirely of specialists, both combat engineers and field medics. The Steel Phalanx was conceived as a purely offensive force, but the stagnation of the Paradiso conflict spread the always scarce Sophotects too thinly, forcing the SSS to create a new support unit capable of keeping up with the rest of its heroic troops.

    In Greek Mythology, the supernatural beings called Dactyls (in Ancient Greek ‘Fingers’) were magical smiths and healers who discovered iron and metalworking. Their Phalanx counterparts are all master demolishers. Explosives are their forte and very few troops in the Sphere can boast their level of proficiency with D-Charges and plastic.

    They have blasted bridges and facilities and mined roads on every Paradiso front. They can repair gear and treat their fallen brothers in arms, but their ability to fulfil their objective under enemy fire is not what makes them a valuable asset to the SSS. Dactyls shine in the finesse they demonstrate in the exercise of their job, be it an emergency surgery in the middle of the battlefield or a controlled demolition. Their nimble fingers make only the most precise movements and their full attention is on the desired outcome, whether an in extremis rescue from the clutches of death or an explosion to collapse the entire building.

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Blister with 1 miniature Dactyl Doctor (MediKit)

    £8.00 save 10%
  • Special Deterrance Group Azrail (AP HMG)

    This Corvus Belli for Infinity pack contains 1 metal Special Deterrance Group Azrail (AP HMG)

    £13.50 save 10%
  • Guijia Squadrons Yu Jing

    Corvus Belli Infinity Box with 1 miniature

    1x GUIJIA (MULTI HMG + AP CC Weapon)

    In days of yore, incorporation into an elite unit was a matter of lineage or rank, but not in the reality of Yu Jing where, thanks to Imperial socialism, only the best can join the best units, regardless of their birth. An aptitude testing programme carried out in middle schools selects young people with the potential to serve the State from the higher echelons of the military.
    £33.00 save 10%
  • Seraphs, Military Order Armored Cavalry Panoceania

    Corvus Belli Infinity Box with 1 miniature

    1x SERAPH (EXP CC Weapon + Spitfire)

    "Voluntas Dei" (God Willing). Motto of the Seraph Cavalry.

    The Father-Officers of the different PanOceanic Military Orders (Hospitallers, Teutons, Knights of Santiago, of the Holy Sepulchre, Montesa...), have the job of leading the vanguard of faithful troops into the heart of battle. In the heat of combat, cut off from the call of God, the Father-Officers are capable of reaching the doors of hell itself.

    They are reckless, they attack without fear of death because they know they are imbued with the power of Christ. Such religious fervor has led to such a high number of fallen among the officers of all of the Orders that it was decided to equip them with Remote Presence combat units. Currently the Seraphs are the most visible element of any attack force of any Military Order, always on the front line of battle discharging the fury of God through their own weapons systems or those of their accompanying Auxbots.

    £33.00 save 10%
  • Roger Van Zant, Capt. 6th Airborne (Heavy Pistol, AP CCW)

    The soldiers loves him on a good day as much as they fear his fits of rage. That he is an intrepid, natural leader is not up for debate. Despite the fact that he always takes the riskiest, most decisive missions, he never wants for volunteers. In truth, he is your standard man of action of the Ariadnan frontier, and as a soldier he should be judged not by his geniality but by his record sheet. Van Zant has been injured countless times, and he has embedded each bullet and piece of shrapnel into the handle of his axe. In the purest Ariadnan officer style, he will often stand in the crossfire, screaming orders at the top of his lungs while lighting a smoke, not (only) because he is a show-off, but because that’s where he can get a better grip on the situation.

    Infinity by Corvus Belli 1 x Roger Van Zant (AP CC Weapon + Heavy Pistol)

    £8.00 save 10%
  • Leman Russ Tech Command

    This awesome box set contains a Leman Russ, a Squadron Command Frame and a Tech-Priest Enginseer. The Leman Russ comprises ninety-five components and can be optionally assembled as a Leman Russ Battle Tank, Eradicator, Exterminator or Vanquisher, with a huge array of alternate weapons and a transfer sheet. The Squadron Command Frame features a set of detailed upgrades for your vehicle, including vox-caster and scanner, and the Tech-Priest Enginseer comes armed with a cog axe, censer and holstered pistol. Supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base.

    £45.00 save 10%
  • Warhammer 40,000 Data Cards: Tau Farsight Enclaves

    This set of forty-three gorgeously-realised cards comprises six large-format cards depicting the Farsight Enclaves Warlord Traits (plus a seventh card explaining their use) and thirty-six Tactical Objective cards, including six unique Farsight Enclaves Tactical Objectives.

  • Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple

    This games Workshop box set for Warhammer 40,000 contains everything you need to field the Battle Maniple formation found in Codex: Skitarii. You get an incredible amount of variety and options with this thirty-three miniature set: a box of ten Skitarii Vanguard, a box of ten Skitarii Rangers, a box of five Sicarian Ruststalkers, a box of five Sicarian Infiltrators, an Onager Dunecrawler and an Ironstrider Ballistarius (which can be optionally built as a Sydonian Dragoon).

    If you bought the contents separately from Games Workshop you'd pay £172.50 for the models contained in this box set and is availabale only while stocks last. 

    £130.00 save 10%
  • Warhammer 40,000 Data Cards: Cadians

    Essential for the Cadian collector, this is a set of forty-three gorgeously-realised cards - six Cadian Warlord Trait cards, a seventh card explaining their use, and thirty-six Tactical Objective cards.

  • War Zone Damocles: MontKa Sourcebook

    Continuing the narrative left off in War Zone Damocles: Kauyon, this is a truly spectacular chapter in the story of the Tau Empire! Included are two hardback books - a 120-page narrative campaign, and an 88-page rulebook in a hardback slipcase. These books feature a host of content and updates:

    • Eleven new Formations for Codex: Tau Empire;
    • New Detachment and Farsight Enclaves Tactical objectives;
    • Eight Lords of War and ten Formations for Codex: Astra Militarum;
    • Full rules for the Officio Assassinorum Assassins, including the Execution Force Formation
    £45.00 save 10%
  • Illithid Raiding Party Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series

    The ultimate megalomaniacs, mind flayers use their ability to enslave minds to play puppeteer to countless thralls while they feast on the brains of less useful creatures. Their goal is nothing short of world domination. Contains 1x Illithid Warrior Frame; 1x Illithid Mage Frame; 1x Duergar Warrior Frame; 1x Gnoll Warrior Frame; 1x Intellect Devourer Frame; 1x Bases Frame.
    £40.00 save 38%
  • Ork Gorkanaut or Morkanaut

    Built in the image of the great Ork Gods Gork and Mork we bring you these massive weapons of war for da boyz!! The Gorkanaut’s main weapons are the deafening and deadly Deffstorm mega-shoota and the massive armoured Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork). It is also armed with two twin-linked big shootas, two rokkit launchas and a skorcha. The Morkanaut’s main weapon is a profusion of worky gubbinz and zappy bits known as the kustom mega-kannon. It is also armed with two twin-linked big shootas, two rokkit launchas, a kustom mega-blasta and the Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork). This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components to make one Ork Gorkanaut or one Ork Morkanaunt and its packed with optional extras so you can add your own personalised finishing touches.

    £65.00 save 20%
  • Purple Worm Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Series

    Massive burrowing creatures, purple worms are feared for their ability to swallow enemies whole. They are capable of burrowing through solid rock and leave huge tunnels in their wake. Contains one Purple Worm
    £25.00 save 40%
  • Soviet Guards Tank Company

    Includes one Komissar M. A. Dedov with both T-34 obr 1942 & T34/85 obr 1943 turrets, twenty T-34/85 obr 1943, twenty T-34 obr 1942 turrets, twenty one plastic T-34 component sprues, twenty one sets of plastic T-34 tracks, sixty three Rare earth magnets & four Decal sheets.

    £175.00 save 50%
  • Space Marine Captain

    This multi-part Warhammer 40,000 plastic kit contains 8 components with which to make a Space Marine Captain armed with a power sword and combi-grav gun. There are 2 head options available - one with a plumed helmet, the other bare. There is also the option to add an iron halo to the bare head. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.

    £18.00 save 25%
  • Tau Fire Warriors

    Warhammer 40,000 Tau Fire warrior teams are ever-present in Tau armies and are formed from members of the same sect. Their pulse rifle armament gives them excellent firepower. A squad consists of between 6 and 12 Warhammer 40,000 Tau Fire Warriors and includes the option to include Gun Drones. The box contains 12 Warhammer 40,000 Tau Fire Warriors and 2 Gun Drones.


    £22.00 save 20%
  • Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team

    The XV8 Crisis battlesuit towers to over twice the size of the Fire Warrior inside and allows maximum offensive impact, protection, agility and utility.

    The XV8 Crisis battlesuit can be posed in multiple ways due to sophisticated mechanisms and can be used with the burst cannons, plasma rifles, flamer, fusion blaster and missile pods supplied in addition to six Gun Drones.

    This multi-part plastic kit contains 93 components and a Tau transfer sheet with which to make 3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits and 6 Gun Drones. These kits comes supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.
    £40.00 save 25%
  • Bolt Action Hardback Rulebook

    Written by veteran game designers Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestley, Bolt Action provides all the rules needed to bring the great battles of World War II to your tabletop. Using miniature soldiers, tanks and terrain, you can fight battles in the shattered towns of occupied France, the barren deserts of North Africa, and even the sweltering jungles of the Pacific.

    Players get to decide which of the major or minor World War II powers they would like to represent, and then construct their armies from the lists provided. Army options are almost limitless, allowing you to build the kind of army that most appeals to your style of play. The choice is yours.

    Created as a joint project between Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing, the leading independent military history publisher, Bolt Action is sure to be the most popular new wargame on the market.

    Basic rules
    Advanced rules
    Quick reference sheets
  • Open Fire! Flames Of War Starter Set

    The Box Contains: ∙ A 52 Page Full Colour Quick Start Guide. ∙ A 296 Page Full Colour Complete Rulebook. ∙ More Than 118 Finely Detailed Miniatures. ∙ V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Feature. ∙ Cardboard Terrain. ∙ Tokens. ∙ Objective Markers. ∙ Army Lists. ∙ 20 Dice.

    £50.00 save 10%


  • Warmachine Two Player Battle Box


    The mighty forces of the northern Khadoran Empire are bolstered by their ideals of strength and resilience in their clash with the devout and zealous crusaders of the Protectorate of Menoth. At the center of this titanic clash, the deadly Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff leads an elite strike force of powerful Khadoran warjacks and soldiers against the holy knights of the Protectorate of Menoth led by their champion High Exemplar Kreoss and his personal retinue of warjacks.

    WARMACHINE is a fast-paced and aggressive 30 mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. Take control of an elite soldier-sorcerer called a warcaster and his mighty warjacks, massive steam-powered combat automatons–as you battle to destroy the enemy warcaster.


    Complete Prime MKII rules in a travel-sized booklet (86 pages), introductory guide, dice, ruler, and 17 plastic WARMACHINE models with corresponding stat cards.


    • Warcaster Kommander Sorscha
    • Juggernaut Heavy Warjack
    • Destroyer Heavy Warjack
    • Man-O-War Shocktrooper Unit (5 models)


    • Warcaster High Exemplar Kreoss
    • Crusader Heavy Warjack
    • Vanquisher Heavy Warjack
    • Repenter Light Warjack
    • Exemplar Cinerators Unit (5 models)

    PIP 25001
    £79.95 save 10%
  • Hordes Two Player Battle Box

    In a World Ravaged by Warfare, Fury is Your Greatest Weapon! From the frozen northern wastes the Legion of Everblight descends upon Immoren, defiling the land with taint and corruption. Dependent upon nature but fueled by its raw and ancient power, the druids of the Circle Orboros clash with the dragon Everblight’s forces to halt the spread of the dragon’s blight. The irrepressible Kaya the Wildborne, flanked by her trusted pack of beasts, leads the Circle’s vanguard against twisted and bloodthirsty ogrun and dragonspawn led by the deadly Lylyth, Herald of Everblight.

    This Hordes boxed set contains 1x Hordes Primal Mk II Travel-Sized Rulebook, 1x Hordes Introductory Guide, 9x Circle Orboros Miniatures, 1x Circle Orboros Kaya the Wildborne, 1x Circle Orboros Feral Warpwolf, 1x Circle Orboros Argus, 1x Circle Orboros Winter Argus, 5x Circle Orboros Skinwalkers, 11x Legion of Everblight Miniatures, 1x Legion of Everblight Lylyth - Herald of Everblight, 1x Legion of Everblight Carnivean, 4x Legion of Everblight Shredders, 5x Legion of Everblight Blighted Ogrun Warspears, 4x D6 Dice, 1x Ruler.
    PIP 70001
    £79.95 save 10%

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