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Warmachine Cryx Scrap Thralls

Warmachine Cryx Scrap Thralls


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Built during battle by the insidious Necrotechs, Scrap Thrall are undead drones, packed with enough explosives to blow a warjack to bits. contents: this blister pack contains 3x Cryx Scrap Thralls
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    Some mercenaries fight for a lost home, some for adventure. Drake MacBain fights for coin. No mission too dangerous, he'll work for any of the nations of the Iron Kingdoms without qualm. MacBain fights with the gritty determination of the hired professional and will let nothing stop him from the completion of his contracts. He is the consummate mercenary and has the tools to finish any job. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Mercenary Drake MacBain

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  • Warmachine Cygnar Centurion, Hammersmith, Avenger Heavy Warjack

    Caspian engineers developed the hulking Centurion to rival the size and strength of Khador’s warjacks. Its increased armor and heavy shield makes it one of Cygnar’s most durable designs, and its mighty piston spear can easily pierce the hulls of enemy warjacks. The Hammersmith swaps out shield and spear with massive twin forge hammers meant to flatten anything in its path, while the Avenger features a stun blade and a groundbreaking seismic cannon. Representing a step forward in Cygnaran technology, the seismic cannon fires sophisticated projectiles that can unleash a localized earthquake upon impact.

    This Warmachine boxed set contains one Cygnar Centurion Heavy Warjack, one Cygnar Centurion option, one Cygnar Hammersmith option, one Cygnar Avenger option.
    PIP 31074
  • Warmachine Cygnar Stormguard Storm Knight (10 models)

    The Stormguard march to war darkening the air around them with the promise of an electrical reckoning. Each is a master of the voltaic halberd, a mechanikal pole arm constructed to hack through flesh and steel while torrents of lightning strike deep into the ranks of the enemy. Every halberd strike charges the sergeant’s nexus generator, and this coiled potential can be unleashed in a massive lightning strike to blast apart enemy formations.

    SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 31099 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 31037. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 31099 replaces PIP 31037 and PIP 31038 by offering their contents in a complete unit. However, the models in PIP 31099 are a new sculpt and therefore look different from the models in PIP 31037 and PIP 31038. In addition, these models are plastic rather than metal.

    Classification: Storm Knight Unit
    Base Size: 30mm
    PIP Code: 31099
    Model Materials: Plastic
    Model Count: 10
    Packaging: Box
    PIP 31099
  • Warmachine Menoth Solo Exemplar Bastion Seneschal

    Such is the power of faith in a Warmachine Exemplar bastion seneschal that his presence allows brother bastions to endure impossible punishment while firmly holding the line against the Creator’s enemies. Exemplar bastion seneschals are uniquely entrusted with the command of the Protectorate’s warjacks in support of their fellow Exemplar knights, joining the power of those machines to the bastions’ unbreakable wall. The Warmachine Exemplar Bastion Seneschal solo comes in a blister (PIP 32090). A player may field up to two Exemplar Bastion Seneschals for each warcaster in a Protectorate army.

    PIP 32090
  • Colbie Sterling Mercenary

    Colbie Sterling Mercenary is a skilled jack marshal, mechanik and a versatile fighter. She is the captain of a small mercenary company known as the Black River Irregulars group with a reputation for getting things done even when it means putting themselves at risk. Sterling seeks the most lucrative contracts, with the goal of amassing enough wealth to transform the BRI into a truly formidable mercenary force.
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  • Hellslinger Phantom Cryx

    Hellslinger Phantom Cryx contains 1 model.
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  • Mercenary Unit Order of Illumination Vigilants (5) inc resin

    The Church of Morrow’s Order of Illumination investigates occult threats and, when force of arms is required, dispatches specialist strike teams to eliminate them and limit harm to the general populace. Among these zealous soldiers are the vigilants, small teams of tireless hunters trained to stalk and dispatch unnatural predators, including otherworldly horrors summoned by infernalists. The prayers woven into their weapons and whispered on their lips empower their strikes with the light of Morrow. Order of Illumination Vigilants are veteran monster hunters who are tasked with excising unnatural foes with their Blessed and Magical weapons: a powerful Heavy Crossbow and Great Sword. They work best in small groups, leveraging their Advance Deploy and Stealth to ensure they are in the right place at the right time. They are difficult to dislodge once they pounce on you with their Gang ability to increase their hitting and damage potential.

    PIP 41166
  • Retribution Myrmidon Aeternae

    The Aeternae myrmidon was manufactured by House Vyre at the behest of House Ellowuyr as compensation for an unknown agreement. Aeternae myrmidons feature some of the latest Vyre innovations in warjack weaponry. They wield a pair of Distortion Voulges, massive bladed weapons that cause their enemies to reverberate with arcane energy and be repelled with each successful blow.
    Most notable is the Aeternae’s shoulder-mounted Shatter Cannon, an insidious gun that fires a steel sphere payload faster than the speed of sound. Within these steel spheres is a unique type of crystal found only deep in the earth beneath Ios. When agitated by extreme impacts, the crystals begin to expand at a marvelously fast rate—a single handful of crystals will expand as large an adult Iosan in just a matter of seconds. Any enemy the sphere doesn’t simply pass through will find this payload lodged in their innards just moments before the crystal package within expands violently.
    Aeternae warjacks are heavy-hitting Vyre-style warjacks with a powerful armor-piercing ranged attack. They work well with any warcaster in the Faction but in particular have good synergy with warcasters that can amplify the power of their Shatter Cannon, such as Lord Arcanist Ossyan (PIP 35046).
    Faction:Retribution of Scyrah
    Game Class:Model
    Model Type:Warjack
    Model Type:Heavy
    PIP 35094