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Crucible Guard


  • Combat Alchemists

    Combat Alchemists

    These soldiers combine alchemical talents with traditional combat training to support more conventional military units. Carrying a variety of specialized alchemical grenades, they can effectively assault many different targets. Combat alchemist teams are drilled in path-finding and skirmish warfare, as they are often deployed in advance of a larger army to neutralize key threats.

    Base Size: 30mm

    PIP Code: 37008

    Model Materials: Metal, Resin

    Model Count: 3

    Packaging: Blister

    Release Date: July 27, 2018

    PIP 37008
    £21.95 save 10%
  • Crucible Guard Assault Troopers

    Assault troopers are the Crucible Guard's dedicated melee infantry. Relying on their armor to allow them to reach enemy positions, these soldiers carry only oversized thermal hammers as weapons. If not for the protection of specialized armor, the thermal hammer would inflict painful burns on its wielder. The heat ripples the air and flash-ignites any combustible materials within several feet, including anything struck by the weapon's heavy striking surface. Resin and white metal components.


    Base Size:  40mm
    PIP Code:  37021
    Model Materials:  Metal, Resin
    Model Count:  5
    Packaging:  Box
    Release Date:  November 23, 2018
    PIP 37021
    £48.95 save 10%
  • Crucible Guard Colossal Vulcan

    Matching the size of other modern colossals, the Vulcan is no less than a rolling alchemical arsenal. Sloshing hundred-gallon vats within its structure allow it to unleash an array of alchemical attacks. A series of dispersal nozzles along the chassis can blanket a large area in a debilitating fog of toxic gas. Its primary weapon, the Aqua Mortuum rocket, leaves trails of alchemical poison in the air and detonates with a burst of lingering toxins, while its smaller vitriolic deflagrators hose down squadrons with concentrated, high-molarity acid.

    • Base Size:  120mm
    • PIP Code:  37022
    • Model Materials:  Resin
    • Model Count:  1
    • Packaging:  Box
    • Release Date:  October 26, 2018
    PIP 37022
    £125.75 save 20%
  • Crucible Guard Infantry & CA (12)

    Infantry has been a core element of the Crucible Guard since its inception, with each new generation hitting the field with new and improved variations on proven equipment designs. Each is equipped with a Crucible Arms Model 609 rifle, with variable ammunition designed to target a range of opponents, and a hermetically sealed suit of armor treated to withstand various caustic agents. Infantry members wear breather masks that filter out smoke and other toxins, allowing the soldiers to operate in hostile environments for prolonged periods. The Guard’s infantry holds the front line of an engagement; they are trained to operate in tight skirmish formation and to serve as a worthy counter to the foot soldiers of any rival army.

    • Base Size:  30mm
    • PIP Code:  37004
    • Model Materials:  Resin/Metal
    • Model Count:  12
    • Packaging:  Box
    • Release Date:  October 19, 2018
    PIP 37004
    £53.95 save 10%
  • Crucible Guard Light Warjack Vanguard

    Originally designed and crafted from the finest materials and the skilled hands of the Golden Crucible, only a small number of Vanguards were ever produced. Able to keep pace with the fleetest of warcasters, and to set their cannon-laden shield and long hafted poleaxe against their foes, the Vanguard is a highly prized masterpiece on the battlefield. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Mercenary Vanguard


    Base Size:  40mm
    PIP Code:  37024
    Model Materials:  Metal, Resin
    Model Count:  1
    Packaging:  Blister
    Release Date:  November 16, 2018
    PIP 37024
    £27.95 save 10%


  • Crucible Guard Retaliator

    A variant chassis of the esteemed Llaelese Vanguard built by the Order of the Golden Crucible, the Retaliator has been outfitted with an advanced alchemical weapon system. This enthalpic distillator can fire a spray of one of several compounds. The effects vary from a violent blast capable of knocking adversaries off their feet to an incendiary accelerant or a caustically corrosive agent.

    • Base Size:  40mm
    • PIP Code:  37009
    • Model Materials:  Metal, Resin
    • Model Count:  1
    • Packaging:  Box
    • Release Date:  October 05, 2018
    PIP 37009
    £27.95 save 10%
  • Crucible Guard Storm Troopers Unit

    Storm trooper squadrons provide the Crucible Guard with a hard counterpunch. Equipped with pneumatic concussion cannons, storm troopers can engage concentrations of light infantry. Their ammunition is highly explosive, combining a number of catalytic agents to magnify the blasting power of the charge to produce deadly concussion waves on impact. The storm troopers are ideal for clearing fortified positions like bunkers and trenches, where the shockwave of their munitions is amplified by close quarters and enemies are likely to be tightly packed.
    • Base Size:  40mm
    • PIP Code:  37003
    • Model Materials:  Metal, Resin
    • Model Count:  5
    • Packaging:  Box
    • Release Date:  August 24, 2018
    PIP 37003
    £48.95 save 10%
  • Cruicible Guard Rocketmen

    Squads of Crucible Guard rocketmen streak across the skies, giving the Crucible Guard an edge against a more numerous foe. Rocketmen assault the flanks of an opposing force, picking off strategic targets with their carbines or dropping devastating gravity bombs into packed enemy formations. Able to fly over traditional defenses, rocketmen squads are tactically versatile soldiers unlike anything before seen in the modern militaries of the Iron Kingdoms.

    Base Size:  30mm
    PIP Code:  37013
    Model Materials:  Metal, Resin
    Model Count:  14
    Packaging:  Box
    Release Date: July 27th 2018
    PIP 37013
  • Doctor Adolpheus Morley

    Doctor Adolpheus Morley is an alchemist obsessed with his work, foregoing all comforts in his latest efforts to unlock new discoveries. Morley, who supports the Guard as head of its surgical division, has become obsessed with the effect of alchemical concoctions on the body, human or otherwise. Soldiers given to his care receive treatment with wary apprehension, as the man has a reputation as a dangerous lunatic. He views the battlefield as the ideal test bed for his latest creations, exposing his troops to all manner of combat stimulants without restriction. That a significant number of his mercenaries who survive the fighting subsequently expire does not deter the doctor in the slightest.

    Base Size: 30mm

    PIP Code: 37006

    Model Materials: Metal,

    Model Count: 1

    Packaging: Blister

    Release Date: July 20, 2018

    PIP 37006
  • Dragons Breath Rocket Artillery

    Dragon’s Breath Rocket artillery are devastating long-range rockets used in the place of traditional artillery like mortars and cannons. Containing a payload of explosive charges and debilitating alchemical agents, on impact they first devastate an area with a concussive blast wave, then the dispersed aerosol form of the compounds within blanket the target with a cloud of toxic gas.

    Base Size:  30mm / 50mm
    PIP Code:  37020
    Model Materials:  Metal, Resin
    Model Count:  3
    Packaging:  Box
    Release Date:  July 27, 2018
    Release Date Status:  Actual
    PIP 37020
    £33.95 save 10%
  • Solo Rocketman Ace

    Some Crucible Guard rocketmen rise above their cohort, demonstrating an aptitude for the power of flight that few others can boast. After scoring dozens of high-value kills, such soldiers are welcomed into the ranks of the elite aces. Aces lead formations of rocketmen and serve as living scions of aerial war. Those who witness their feats are inspired to redouble their own efforts, hoping to some day earn a place among them.

    • Base Size:  30mm
    • PIP Code:  37024
    • Model Materials:  Metal/Resin
    • Model Count: 
    • Packaging:  Blister
    • Release Date:  October 19, 2018
    PIP 37023


  • Warcaster Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc & Big Alyce

    Alyce Marc personifies the volatile and sometimes unpredictable nature of alchemy in a way few others ever have. In a moment of pure desperation, she consumed an unstable experimental serum, which gave her the ability to transform into a powerful monster. Alyce`s body can become that of a hulking, muscular beast with a thick hide able to slow bullets and turn blades. This new form allows Alyce to tear through enemy attackers before succumbing to exhaustion and returning to her original body`s shape. She is still learning how best to govern this unusual ability but stands ready to unleash her inner strength against the Order`s enemies in the days ahead.

    PIP 37005