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Warhammer Warriors Of Chaos


  • Start Collecting Khorne Bloodbound

    Start Collecting Khorne Bloodbound gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Khorne Bloodbound miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar! You’ll receive a Slaughterpriest with Hack-blade and Wrath-hammer, ten Blood Warriors, three Bloodcrushers of Khorne and an exclusive Khorne Bloodbound Warscroll Battalion rules sheet, allowing you to collect, assemble and play with your new miniatures right away!
    £50.00 save 10%
  • Dominion of Chaos Sourcebook

    Dominion of Chaos Sourcebook is 80-page hardback Battletome is designed to help you get the most out of your Warhammer Age of Sigmar scenery, and the Realm of Battle: Shattered Dominion gameboard! Inside it, you’ll find Warscrolls for six awesome scenery pieces – the Numinous Occulum, Dragonfate Dais, Baleful Realmgate, Arcanabulum, Fell Chasm and Ophidian Archway – and four Warscroll Battalions, powerful combinations of arcane scenery with their own special rules.

    As well as this, there are four Battleplans – awesome scenarios any army can use, based around combinations of scenery, that put you right in the heart of the Realmgate Wars!
  • Warhammer Chaos Warriors Regiment

    Chaos Warriors Regiments form the backbone of a mortal Chaos warband. However you choose to equip them they are fully capable of beating the best troops your opponent can throw at them. Furthermore they can be upgraded to deadly Warhammer Chosen Warriors of Chaos, encased in Chaos armour and with extra Attacks.

    This kit contains sixteen plastic Chaos Warriors, armed with either Chaos hand weapons and Chaos Runeshields or a Chaos hand weapon in either hand. Supplied with sixteen Citadel 32mm Round bases.

    £25.00 save 10%
  • Battletome Everchosen

    This Warhammer Age of Sigmar 120-page, full-colour hardback book contains:

    • the incredible, compelling story of Archaon’s rise and triumph, with in-depth information on the Varanguard and Gaunt Summoners
    • an awesome eight-page fully-illustrated tale of Archaon’s battle with Sigmar; three brand-new battleplans, inspired by some of Archaon’s greatest battles, presenting new and inspiring ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar that any army can use
    • stunning photography of beautifully painted miniatures
    • six Warscroll Battalions, covering Archaon’s chosen and his favoured mortal warbands of Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh
    • comprehensive information on uniforms, markings and colour schemes for every featured miniature, and guides to assembling lesser Chaos warbands sworn to Archaon’s service
    • an A5 transfer sheet brimming with the marks of Archaon - mark any of your Chaos miniatures with the symbol of the Everchosen!
    £35.00 save 10%
  • Warhammer Chaos Knights Box Set

    Warhammer Chaos Knights are towering brutes clad in thickest plate, each section of armour crafted by a master daemonsmith. They ride to war with great lances, evil-looking polearms designed to impale and tear; and their blades and maces flicker with dark fire. Even the frightful reputation of the Warhammer Chaos Knights is a weapon in its own right, crippling those who would stand against them before a single blow is struck.

    This multi-part plastic kit contains all the bits necessary to assemble ten Chaos Knights, who can be armed with chaos glaives and ensorcelled weapons. Options include a Doom Knight, icon bearer and hornblower. Supplied with ten Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases.

    £35.00 save 10%
  • Chaos Chariot

    Chaos Chariots, symbols of prestige and power, are pulled by two horned Chaos steeds held in place by chains and iron rigging.

    The Gorebeast Chariot is hefted by a single Gorebeast protected with metal plates bearing icons such as the 8-pointed star, tusks and spikes.

    Both kits are ridden by Chaos Charioteers with their Chaos identifiers. These can be heavily armoured or bare chested, with optional flails, whips and axe.

    You can also convert your second Charioteer into a Chaos Lord on foot.

    This Warhammer multi-part plastic kit contains 74 components, a 25mm square base, and a 50mm x 100mm monster base with which to make either a Chaos Chariot or a Gorebeast Chariot. The kit can also be used to make a Chaos Lord on Chariot.

    This Warhammer kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.
    £25.00 save 10%
  • Warhammer Chaos Marauders Regiment

    At a basic cost of 5 points, Marauders of Chaos are the cheapest Mortal unit available, giving a Chaos general the option of fielding large expendable units. However, their low points cost doesn't mean they are weak; at Weapon Skill 4 and Initiative 4 they are still superior to many of the Core troops in other Warhammer armies.

    This Warhammer regiment boxed set contains 16 plastic Marauders of Chaos including enough parts to equip them with either flails or hand weapons and shields as well as a Chieftain, Standard bearer and Musician.

  • Chaos Lord on Manticore

    Even for Warhammer creatures of Chaos, Manticores are particularly ferocious, possessed of an innate stubbornness that propels them to fight for their territory against even the most overpowering odds. No matter what their adversary, the  Warhammer Manticore will launch itself roaring into a bloody and brutal conflict from which there can be only a single victor. More often than not, providing their foe isn't too much bigger than them, it's the Manticore that will stand triumphant. Such wild, animalistic rage does not go unnoticed in the Chaos Wastes. Champions of the Dark Gods will often travel to the Iron Mountains to capture and tame a Manticore, which they will then ride into battle. How long the Manticore will tolerate this treatment for is debatable, but one thing is for certain, when they are finally free, their fury will be unstoppable.

    This multi-part plastic Warhammer Age of Sigmar kit contains one Chaos Lord on Manticore - a finely detailed kit that comes in 62 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 120x92mm Oval base. The kit comes with plenty of optional extras, including two different riders - a Chaos Lord and a Chaos Sorceror Lord, both of which come with a variety of heads and weapons. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.
    £32.50 save 10%
  • Khorne Wrathmongers Warhammer Warriors of Chaos

    This multi-part plastic kit makes either five Khorne Wrathmongers or five Khorne Skullreapers. If you are building the Wrathmongers this Games Workshop Warhammer kit allows you to choose to build them with the following parts:

    • 5 sets of armoured legs (one of which is designed to look like a Bloodletter)
    • 10 torsos that can be used to form the basis of the models.
    • 10 different sets of armour that fit to the torso fronts with the option to add additional shoulder armour.

    Whichever unit type you choose to make there are enough parts to include a champion and standard bearer for either.

    The Wrathmongers are each armed with a pair of wrath-flails. There are five helmeted heads and the option to distinguish the champion with the addition of a helmet designed to look like a Bloodletter’s face and a mutation in the shape of a scorpions tail.

    If you are building the Skullreapers this Games Workshop Warhammer kit allows you to choose to build them with the following parts:

    • Armed with two hand weapons a choice of 13 individual weapons ranging from swords, axes, maces and knives
    • The option to arm one of the models with a double-handed axe.
    • They can alternatively be armed with pairs of ensorcelled weapons of which there are 8 different individual weapons, with the option for one of the models to be armed with a double-handed sword.
    • A choice of seven bare heads that sport a variety of mutations, from horns, studded foreheads and even a bestial dog face.
    • Each Skullreaper sports a trophy rack on his back, and the Champion is distinguished by his double trophy rack.

    The Khorne Wrathmongers have 97 components and are supplied with five 40mm monster bases.

    This Warhammer kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.

    £34.50 save 10%
  • Chaos Lord

    Chaos Lords are Champions of Champions. This figure stands on a rock of skulls wearing a full suit of Chaos armour, a long split cloak and a huge sword.

    This Warhammer plastic kit contains 8 components including a sculpted base with which to make one Chaos Lord.

    This Warhammer kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.
    £15.00 save 10%
  • Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors

    This multi-part plastic Warhammer Age of Sigmar kit gives you everything necessary to build ten Blood Warriors. You’ll get some impressive customisation options - each can be armed with either a Goreaxe and Gorefist or two Goreaxes. One model can be built as Chaos Champion with a special, even more intimidating axe; this really is a kit for the axe-inclined among you! One model can be upgraded with a special weapon, the Goreglaive, and one can be built as an Icon Bearer. Includes ten Citadel 32mm Round Bases.

    £37.50 save 10%
  • Putrid Blightkings Warhammer Warriors of Chaos

    This 105-piece plastic kit makes five Putrid Blightkings. Each model can be assembled in at least two distinct ways, with the option of building a Blightlord, Icon Bearer and a Sonorous Tocsin. You can ensure that each of your Blightkings looks totally unique by combining the 21 weapon arms with the 11 torsos and 17 head options.

    Includes five Citadel 40mm Round bases for use in your Warhammer: Age of Sigmar games.

    This Warhammer: Age of Sigmar kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.