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Warhammer Empire


  • Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards

    Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar boxed set designed to allow the player to field Battlemage models without affecting their army’s Allegiance, with 4 models hand-picked to add to your army.

    In the box are 4 plastic Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizards who feature lots of modelling so you can build a wizard to cast various Lores of Magic.

    Every unit and warscroll battalion in Warhammer Age of Sigmar allies to one of the four Grand Alliances – Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction – with many having other allegiances that can be chosen. This allows the use of powerful battle and command traits plus magical items.

    The box includes 4 Citadel 25 mm Round bases.

  • Warhammer Empire Battle Wizards Box Set

    Warhammer Empire Wizards are strange figures who wield awesome magical powers and are privy to secrets, usually beyond the ken of ordinary folk. Trained at the Warhammer Colleges of Magic for many years, arcane power courses through their veins and lurks behind their eyes like the thunder before a storm.

    This plastic box set enables you to make two Warhammer Empire wizards from the following Colleges: Celestial (pictured), Gold, Light (pictured), Amethyst and Bright (pictured).



  • Warhammer Empire Flagellant Warband (10 models)

    When war threatens, bands of crazed Warhammer Empire Flagellants instinctively gravitate towards battlefields, appearing unannounced and charging headlong towards the enemy without fear or hesitation. Warhammer Empire Flagellants fight in a crazed frenzy, driven insane by the horrors the world has inficted upon them and desperate for their pain to end.

    This box set contains 10 Warhammer Empire Flagellants.