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Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys


  • Heavy Weapon Endoskeletons

    They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. The Heavy Weapons Endoskeletons are arriving to reinforce Skynets forces as the Terminators inexorably advance to crush all Resistance!

    Add this set of heavy weapons – a Flamer and Rocket Launcher – to Your Skynet T-800 Terminators for that awesome extra firepower!

    Skynet is ever developing new weapons in its attempt to wipe out the Resistance. The most feared is the flamethrower endo – a terror weapon that is perfect to flush the humans out of their hideouts. Hit your Primary target automatically along with anyone else within close combat range, the flamethrower is an ideal weapon in the packed confines of a post apocalyptic battlefield.

    The missile launcher endoskelton has been design to take out at long range the few remaining tanks, helicopters and other vehicles that the humans can deploy.Increase to a Rate of Fire 3! The Missile Launcher can even be fired on the move using the Terminators immense strength and their ‘Stabilized’ rule.

    This Warlord Games pack for Terminator Genisys contains 2 metal models.


    £10.00 save 40%
  • John Connor

    John Connor - Raised by Sarah to become the leader of the human Resistance int he future War Against the Machines, John Connor is a strategic genius. He is the best commander the Resistance can ever hope to field, his tactical skills so cunning and advanced that it almost feels like he can see the future...

    £10.00 save 40%
  • Resistance Soldiers

    Resistance Soldiers expansion set – containing 16 Resistance Soldiers.

    £25.00 save 40%
  • T-1000

    T-1000 infiltrators are made of mimetic polyalloy – liquid metal. This allows them to change their shape at will, from imitating any human they have come into contact with, as well as any item of equivalent mass. As well as being extremely strong, they can form stabbing and cutting parts out of their limbs, becoming a lethal close quarter fighter. Their most remarkable trait however is their uncanny resilience – destroying a T-1000 is almost impossible. The Resistance is going to need some bigger guns.

    This Warlord Games pack for Terminator Genisys contains 1 metal model.


    £10.00 save 40%
  • Terminator Endoskeletons

    Terminator Endoskeletons expansion pack – containing 8 plastic Endoskeletons and 4 Crawlers.

    £16.00 save 40%
  • Terminator Genisys - War Against the Machines Rulebook

    Terminator Genisys - War Against the Machines Rulebook 128 pages

    The War Against the Machines, produced by River Horse, opens up a whole world of Terminator Genisys wargaming. The Endoskeletons and Human Resistance fighters will plunge you straight into the desperate battle for survival - but this is just the start:

    • Advanced Rules covering commanders, different weapons, vehicles, transports and even VTOLs such as Hunter-Killer Gunships.
    • Battle Scenarios - a matrix of 36 balanced games.
    • Force Lists. Statlines and special rules for all models and weapons of the Human Resistance and Skynet’s Machines
    • Narrative Scenarios - recreating the events of the War Against the Machines.
    £20.00 save 25%