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Team Yankee

Team Yankee. World War III 3 set in 1985 from Battlefront Miniatures.

New Releases


  • Car Park Team Yankee

    Team Yankee Car parks (BB227) includes one Large Car park, one Medium Car park, one Small Car park and three Carpark Ticket Vending Machines.
    £20.00 save 10%
  • Team Yankee Rulebook

    Team Yankee, a heavy combat team of M1 Abrams tanks and M113 armoured personnel carriers, faces a Soviet invasion of West Germany. Outnumbered and outgunned, Captain Sean Bannon and his men will have to fight hard and they’ll have to fight smart if they are going to survive.

    Lt. Colonel Yuri Potecknov’s motor rifle battalion is preparing to execute its mission in the scientific manner that he had been taught at the Frunze Military Academy and used in Afghanistan. Victory today will bring the world proletarian revolution that much closer.

    Based on the book written by Harold Coyle in 1987, Team Yankee brings the conflict that simmered throughout the Cold War to life in a game by Battlefront Miniatures where you command your troops in miniature on a realistic battlefield.

    Team Yankee, World War III, is a 120-page book that includes a complete rules set, with plenty of visual examples to help you learn the rules quickly and reference them easily when you need to.

    Orders placed in the next few days will get 2 full colour objective markers free, pictured below. This is your one and only chance to receive a set of exclusive laser-cut acrylic objective markers. All you have to do is buy your copy of Team Yankee on launch day at any participating game store, and the objectives are yours absolutely free. These will never be available again, so they will forever identify you as a Team Yankee launch-day veteran.

  • Leopard German Rulebook Team Yankee

    Leopard German Rulebook Team Yankee is the third nation to enter the Third World War. Leopard, West Germans in World War III expands the story started in Team Yankee.

  • Volksarmee Team Yankee Rulebook

    Volksarmee Team Yankee Rulebook is a 32-page hardback book that tells the story of Oberleutnant Fritz Fischer’s battalion of T-72M tanks and their attack on Northern Germany against the West German Defenders.

    Volksarmee provides players with Army lists for a T-55 AM2 Panzer Bataillon, T-72M Panzer Bataillon, BMP Mot-Schützen Bataillon, and BTR-60 Mot-Schützen Bataillon, as well as card pack containing 17 unit cards, history of the East German Army leading into the Cold War, painting guides and scenarios for the Team Yankee game.

  • Chieftain Armoured Troop (TBBX01)

    Chieftain Armoured Troop (TBBX01) includes five plastic Chieftain tanks, one resin tank commander sprue, one decal sheet and four unit cards.

    The British fought the Second World War in fast light tanks, outgunned by their opponents. Now, the Chieftain tank has the thickest armour and biggest gun of any tank in NATO.
    £30.00 save 10%
  • FV432 APC or Swingfire Troop

    FV432 APC or Swingfire Troop TBBX02 contains 5 Vehicles, 4 mortar crew, unit cards and decals

    £30.00 save 10%
  • Lynx Helarm Flight TBBX05

    Lynx Helarm Flight TBBX05 British contains 2 plastic helicopters, flight stands, decal sheet, 8 rare earth magnets and unit cards.
    £20.00 save 10%
  • Abbot Field Battery TBBX06

    Abbot Field Battery TBBX06 British contains 4 self propelled howitzers and a unit card.
    £33.00 save 10%
  • Tracked Rapier SAM Section TBBX07

    Tracked Rapier SAM Section TBBX07 British contains 4 models and a unit card.
    £33.00 save 10%
  • M109 Field Battery (TBBX08)

    M109 Field Battery (TBBX08) includes four M109 self-propelled howitzers, one resin Tank Commander sprue, one decal sheet and one unit card.

    The divisional artillery has replaced the Abbot with the American M109 with its 155mm gun. This powerful weapon is called upon when some serious firepower is needed.
    £33.00 save 10%
  • Harrier Close Air Support Flight (TBBX09)

    Harrier Close Air Support Flight (TBBX09) contains two resin Hawker-Siddley Harriers, two plastic flight stands, four rare-earth magnets, and one unit card.

    The Hawker-Siddley Harrier, the famed ‘Jump Jet’ could swivel its exhaust nozzles down to allow it to take off vertically. The Hawker-Siddley Harrier, the famed ‘Jump Jet’ could swivel its exhaust nozzles down to allow it to take off vertically.
    £29.00 save 10%
  • Mechanised Company TBBX10 British

    British Mechanised Company TBBX10 comprises a Company HQ and two Mechanised Platoons. Each platoon has an impressive variety of firepower at its disposal, with the ‘Gimpy’ (GPMG or General Purpose Machine-gun) and L1A1 SLRs (Self-Loading Rifles), the ‘Charlie G’ (84mm Carl Gustav recoilless gun) and one-shot 66mm light anti-tank weapons for anti-tank work, and a 2” light mortar team, whose main role is to use smoke to blind enemy machine-guns.
    £20.00 save 10%