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Fully Loaded Devices Pack

Fully Loaded Devices Pack


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Set the timer and brace for detonation! The Fully Loaded Devices Pack collects numerous devices for X-Wing, giving you access to a vast arsenal of options for your squadrons. In addition to the upgrade cards and tokens for Proximity Mines, Conner Nets, Ion Bombs, and more, this devices pack contains six environment cards that use devices as part of setup. With these cards, you can battle in deadly minefields, fly your ships through star fields riddled with unexploded ordnance, or even maneuver to avoid continuous bombardments! 
Within this expansion, you'll find:
8 Fuse Markers
2 Bomblets
1 Cluster Mine Set (3 Cluster Mines)
1 Conner Net
1 Electro-Proton Bomb
2 Ion Bombs
2 Proton Bombs
2 Proximity Mines
2 Seismic Charges
2 Sensor Upgrade Cards:
2 Trajectory Simulator
7 Device Upgrade Cards:
1 Cluster Mines
1 Conner Nets
1 Ion Bombs
1 Proton Bombs
1 Proximity Mines
1 Seismic Charges
1 Bomblet Generator 
1 Device/Modification Upgrade Card:
1 Electro-Proton Bomb
2 Modification Upgrade Cards:
2 Delayed Fuses
6 Environment Cards:
1 Continous Bombardment
1 Countdown
1 Minefield
1 Munitions Cache
1 Pinpoint Bombardment
1 Unexploded Ordnance
And more!
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    Within this expansion, you'll find:
    9 Asteroids
    3 Debris Fields
    3 Gas Clouds
    1 Loose Cargo
    1 Spare Parts
    2 Upgrade Cards:
    1 Rigged Cargo Chute
    1 Spare Parts Canisters
    6 Environment Cards:
    1 Asteroid Shower
    1 Clouzon-36 Deposits
    1 Comet Tail
    1 Ion Clouds
    1 Mynock Infestation
    1 Recent Wreckage
    3 Strain Tokens
    2 Standard Charges
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    This pack contains the following ship cards:
    Rebel Alliance:
    Gina Moonsong (A/SF-01 B-Wing)
    K-2SO (UT-60D U-Wing)
    Leia Organa (Modified YT-1300)
    Alexsandr Kallus (VCX-100)
    Galactic Empire:
    Fifth Brother (TIE Advanced v1)
    "Vagabond" (TIE/sk Striker)
    Morna Kee (VT-49 Decimator)
    Nom Lumb (JumpMaster 5000)
    G4R-GOR V/M (M3-A Interceptor)
    Bossk (Z-95-AF4 Headhunter)
    Paige Tico (MG-100 StarFortress)
    Ronith Blario (RZ-2 A-Wing)
    Zizi Tlo (RZ-2 A-Wing)
    First Order:
    Captain Phasma (TIE/sf Fighter)
    Lieutenant LeHuse (TIE/sf Fighter)
    "Rush" (TIE/vn Silencer)
    This pack also contains the following upgrade cards:
    4 Talent Upgrade Cards:
    2 Composure
    2 Snap Shot
    10 Force Power Upgrade Cards:
    2 Brilliant Evasion
    2 Foresight
    2 Hate
    2 Precognitive Reflexes
    2 Predictive Shot
    6 Tech Upgrade Cards:
    2 Advanced Optics
    2 Pattern Analyzer
    2 Primed Thrusters
    2 Sensor Upgrade Cards:
    2 Passive Sensors
    2 Cannon Upgrade Cards:
    2 Autoblasters
    2 Torpedo Upgrade Cards:
    2 Plasma Torpedoes
    5 Missile Upgrade Cards:
    2 Mag-Pulse Warheads
    2 Barrage Rockets
    1 Diamond-Boron Missiles
    3 Crew Upgrade Cards:
    1 0-0-0
    1 K-2SO
    1 Maul
    3 Gunner Upgrade Cards:
    2 Agile Gunner
    1 BT-1
    2 Illicit Upgrade Cards:
    2 Coaxium Hyperfuel
    1 Title Upgrade Card:
    1 Moldy Crow
    ​5 Modification Upgrade Cards:
    2 Angled Deflectors 
    3 Targeting Computer
    2 Configuration Upgrade Cards:
    2 Stabilized S-foils
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