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Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad

Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad


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Space Marine Sternguard Squad plastic box set contains 5 models: The 5 man Sternguard Veteran Squad comes with a massive amount of variety and options, providing every opportunity to create a unique squad. This set includes 5 different pairs of legs; 5 individual torso fronts; 13 unique heads (7 helmeted and 6 bare); 16 individual shoulder pads; and 5 unique backpacks. There is also an additional helmet plume that can be added to the squad Sergeant, as well as the choice of equipping him with either a chainsword or sheathed power sword. There are enough parts to equip the entire squad with frag and krak, and there is a selection of pouches; an auspex; and a backpack icon.

The Space Marine range is designed so that all of the plastic parts can be swapped between different kits. If you want your Sternguard Veteran Squad to include alternative heads then get them from any other Space Marine plastic kit and they'll fit. This allows the opportunity for almost unlimited variations of miniatures. This plastic kit contains 120 components with which to make a 5 man Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad (and so much more!). Also included is 1 Space Marine transfer sheet with which to add Chapter iconography and squad markings. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Games Workshop Plastic Glue and Games Workshop Paints.

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