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Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch Cryx

Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch Cryx


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Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch strike without warning and are the terror of the Broken Coast. Belonging to an ancient tradition in which sailing is as natural as breathing, these fierce warrior women believe nothing in life to be sweeter than plunder and slaughter. The Satyxis savage their victims with the tearing barbs of their enchanted lacerators or break their bones with smashing blows of their twisted horns.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 34142 represents the same figures in the game as PIPs 34052 and 34099. The models in PIP 34142 are new sculpts and therefore look different from the models in PIPs 34052 and 34099.

Product Information

  • Base Size: 30mm
  • PIP Code: 34142
  • Model Materials: Metal, Resin
  • Model Count: 11
  • Packaging: Box
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  • Satyxis Blood Priestess Cryx

    Satyxis Blood Priestess preserve the ancient traditions of Satyxis blood magic, worshipping the very act of bloodletting itself. Able to harness the arcane force of spilled vitality, these priestesses perform sacred rituals of primal power that predate Toruk's reign. Wetting their sacral blades in the blood of their fresh victims they evoke potent spells and safeguard the lives of those they deem worthy, including such preeminent figures as the Queen of the Broken Coast.

    Product Information

    • Base Size: 30mm
    • PIP Code: 34143
    • Model Materials: Metal, Resin
    • Model Count: 1
    • Packaging: Blister
    PIP 34143
  • ForgeWars September 2018

    Forge Wars - Age Of Sigmar Tournament.

    Full details linked:


    Saturday 1st September 9AM for 9.30AM start, 2000 points 3 matches

    Lunch and 1 drink provided (if ticket bought more than 1 week ahead), Drinks and snacks also available to buy.

    16 Players Max.

    Prizes for positions, best painted and sportsmanship



    Brimstage Forge

    Brimstage Road

    CH63 6HD

    1 mile off M53 Junction 3 direction of Heswall, Turn left as you enter the 30 MPH speed change


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