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Riot Quest

Riot Quest
The once-great Iron Kingdoms are now a pile of smoldering ruins. But there’s treasure everywhere…if you’ve got the gumption to fight for it! You’ll need a crackerjack crew, gobs of gear, and lots of love for the chaos of battle if you’re going to score the best leftover loot in the land. But watch out! It’s every human, dwarf, elf, and goblin for themselves in this outrageous quest for bodacious booty!
Riot Quest is a fast-moving, highly unpredictable skirmish board game for up to four players using hobby miniatures.
The characters will be mercenaries in the Iron Kingdom realm and will thus be compatible with the Warmachine and Hordes games.

New Releases


  • Riot Quest Captain Crawtooth

    Captain Crawtooth is my friend.

    He could be your friend, too,

    if only you would understand

    that Gatormen have feelings, too.

    Captain Crawtooth: He has feelings, too!

    (More like hunger pangs and a taste for human flesh!)
    PIP 63009
    £21.45 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Fighter Black Bella Duchess of Dread

    As merciless as she is beautiful as she is merciless as she is... You get the idea. The name Black Bella - aka the Duchess of Dread - strikes terror into the hearts of those who sail the high seas as well as those who hide from her on land. Woe betides he who gets between this pirate and her booty!
    Black Bella is a Fighter class hero with high defensive stats, great mobility, and strong melee damage. She is a great hero to help a player control the board. Her ability to punish enemy heroes that move away from her, combined with her incredible speed, makes her an excellent addition to any Crew.
    1x Black Bella, Duchess of Dread
    Model requires assembly and is supplied unpainted
    PIP 63002
    £9.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Fighter The Four Horeseymans

    Before the infernals came, the grymkin had been unleashed by the Old Witch to stave off the apocalypse. Well, that plan was stupid, and it failed. Now, not only did the apocalypse happen, but there’s freakin’ grymkin running around in the ruins of the world, and guess what? THEY LOVE IT!
    One of the most notorious group of celebrating grymkin are the Four Horseymans, a group of neigh slayers that have taken up the monikers of Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. They ride through the ash and cinders, whooping and cheering and having the time of their lives. And woe be it unto those who get in their way. The Four Horseymans bring the kind of party you never truly recover from.
    The Four Horseymans is a Fighter Class Hero with powerful melee offense and Riot Gear disruption utility. Thanks to its unique weapon “Apocawypse,” when the Four Horseymans hits an enemy Hero, its opponent must discard a Riot Gear card from their hand at random!
    This model is fully compatible in WARMACHINE & HORDES, in which it is a Grymkin Neigh Slayer solo. All four characters are on a single 50 mm base and represent a single solo.
    PIP 63025
    £16.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Fighter The Terrorizer

    What has four arms and wants revenge for a thousand years of suffering inflicted on his kind? Two smaller normal dudes…or this guy.
    The Terrorizer is a Fighter-class Hero packed to the gills with weapons. Capable of making both melee and ranged attacks in a single turn, this li'l guy can lay down big hurt. Additionally, when an enemy super damages him, The Terrorizer’s rage makes them pay for their transgression
    PIP 63022
    £13.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Guard J A I M s

    She slices! She dices! (But don't ask her to make you julienne fries if you value your life.) Just another iron maiden, she is not. As inventor Jasper Jacobsen's last surviving specimen of clockwork automata, "Jacobsen's Amazing Iron Maiden" ("J.A.I.M.s" for short) is a merciless tornado of blades, as beautiful as she is deadly.
    Players looking to beef up their Crew's security (read: not getting knocked out on the job) are going to want to pick up J.A.I.M.s to add to their Riot Quest Crew. She's a decent combatant in the arena, but her real strength comes from protecting others. Not only is she a Guard-class hero - meaning she's capable of increasing the defences of nearby allies - but she can also take the hit for one if they get smacked around too close to her. This is particularly punishing against melee-focused enemies, as each time J.A.I.M.s is hit in melee, she deals damage back with her bladed armour!
    1x J.A.I.M.s
    Please Note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
    PIP 63005
    £10.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Guard Boss MacHorn inc resin

    Riot Quest Guard Boss MacHorn inc resin
    As the former leader of the Devil Dogs mercenary company, Sam MacHorn is known for two things: wrecking face and getting paid! And with her custom-built Ironhead suit, she’s ready to put in some overtime!
    Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    PIP 63012
    £21.75 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Guard Chuck Dogwood

    How much wood would Chuck Dogwood chuck if Chuck Dogwood could chuck wood? You’ll never know—because he’ll teleport your keister into the sun.
    Chuck is a Guard-class Hero who specializes in teleportation...just not with great accuracy. Like all Guards, Chuck can help provide Cover to other heroes in his Crew, but he can also Teleport them across the Arena to a random Treasure Beacon. Similarly, any enemy Chuck manages to hit with his staff is also teleported away to a random Beacon. So, if you’re looking for a hero who adds an aura of controlled unpredictability, Chuck is your man.
    PIP 63021
    £13.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Gunner Boomhowler Solo Artist

    Once the leader of the infamous mercenary band, Boomhowler & Co., Greygore Boomhowler struck out as a solo act - no, like he actually struck out - until he found an instrument that truly spoke to him: a chain gun!
    Boomhowler is a Gunner class hero with great support options and strong ranged damage. In addition to being capable of making two ranged attacks a turn instead of the normal one, Boomhowler also boosts the attack stats of other heroes in your Crew near him.
    1x Boomhowler, Solo Artist
    Please note:
    Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    PIP 63003
    £13.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Gunner Destructotron 3000

    Tired of trying to best your rivals with wit and guile? Then say hello to Destructotron 3000, the most straightforward solution to incinerating the smug looks off your enemies’ faces that money can by. You’ll love him 3000! Destructotron 3000 is a Gunner class Hero that specializes in melting faces. There is nothing fancy or tricky to this Hero—it’s a straightforward damage dealer. Destructotron deals the most damage when shooting at adjacent enemies, thanks to Point Blank and Disintegration abilities, which both trigger when they are right next to their target. Players looking to add a ranged DPS all-star to their Riot Quest Crew are definitely going to want to take a look at Destructotron 3000. When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Convergence of Cyriss Solo.

    PIP 63013
    £21.45 save 10%


  • Riot Quest Gunner Leadfoot & tredz inc resin

    Riot Quest Gunner Leadfoot & tredz inc resin
    What General Ledfoot and his trusty tank pilot Tredz lack in stature, they make up for in firepower. Christened “Madtrak” in honor of their late chieftain, the weapon of mass destruction at Ledfoot’s command is guaranteed to cause opposing crews to make tracks!
    Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    PIP 63011
    £31.75 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Gunner Scythe

    Few of the true Nyss people still exist in the Iron Kingdoms, and those who remain are able to for a reason: they are skilled and deadly hunters. And Scythe is the deadliest. Frosty on the outside, burning with vengeance in the middle, Scythe has a passion for peering deep into your soul and then penetrating it with an arrow fired from her mechanika long bow. With the unmatched range of her bow and unhindered by the most difficult terrain, you can run from Scythe, but you can’t hide. (Well, technically you can hide, but that just makes you a sitting target. Either way, you’re going to end up a kebab.)
    Scythe is a Gunner Class Hero that boasts the longest base range of any weapon in Riot Quest. With a Speed of 5 and a Range of 5 on her Mecha-Bow, there is almost nowhere safe to hide in the Arena from Scythe. Thanks to her Pathfinder and Sniper abilities, Scythe ignores obstacles as she runs through the Arena and almost always lands her shot.
    When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Mercenaries Minion Nyss Solo that will work for Cygnar, Khador, Retribution, Circle, and Trollbloods. Additionally. she is a Retribution Partisan.
    PIP 63020
    £12.95 save 10%


  • Riot Quest Orsus the Chained

    The most infamous warcaster to ravage the Iron Kingdoms, Khador’s Orsus Zoktavir lost his mind when Lola, his beloved battle axe, was destroyed in battle. Unable to lead, Orsus was stripped of his station and for his remaining days was sentenced to serve as one of the Empire’s notorious doom reavers—penitent criminals chained to the arcane weapons that drive them into a berserker rage in battle. With his nation in shambles, Orsus now offers his formidable combat skills to fortune hunters while secretly on a quest to recover his long-lost Lola.
    PIP 63008
    £13.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Rogue Gorman the Mad

    A classic case of what happens when someone gets too into their work, Gorman the Mad hasn't just taken things too far - he's taken them beyond the point of getting them back. With his alchemical cannon full of corrosive ooze, no looter’s Riot Gear is safe when Gorman goes off the deep end in battle.
    Gorman is a Rogue class hero with strong defensive and disruption abilities. With his Cloak ability, Gorman cannot be targeted by ranged attacks farther than a couple of spaces away from him, which helps him survive unscathed in many situations. His alchemical cannon has the Strip ability, which destroys any Gear cards on the target he hits, a unique and powerful ability that lets Gorman keep his enemies in check.
    1x Gorman the Mad
    Please note:
    Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    PIP 63006
    £10.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Scout Flubbin

    Gubbin has a sister? Gubbin has a sister!
    The adorable Flubbin learned the art of explosives from her older brother when she was a baby. Unlike big brother, who prefers quantity over quality, Flubbin is all about style and sass. She has a bit of a competitive streak with Gubbin, and she’s always looking to outshine him in some friendly explosive-based sport. Flubbin takes to the Arena in her personal dirigible, which she flies over the heads of enemies to drop gravity bombs on their heads while cheering on both bomb and bomb recipient.
    “Wow, Boomhowler, you really took that one in the face! Way to go! Wanna try again?”
    Flubbin is a Scout Class Hero with excellent mobility and high defenses. Thanks to her Flight ability she is difficult to block in, and with Flyby she is one of the only Heroes that can interrupt their movement to make an attack before running off to safety.
    This model is fully compatible in WARMACHINE & HORDES in which it is a Mercenary Minion Gobber solo and will work for Crucible Guard, Cygnar, Khador, and Trollbloods
    PIP 63026
    £10.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Scout Harlowe Holdemhigh

    He's small of stature and even lower of character, but Harlowe Holdemhigh always takes the high ground with his highway-harrying exploits! Armed with twin-magelock pistols, he's the most notorious highwayman in the Iron Kingdoms (under 4' tall)!
    Harlowe is a Scout class hero that excels at damaging multiple enemies at ranged. Like all Scouts, Harlowe lowers the defensive stats of enemies nearby against ranged attacks. Thanks to his Ambidextrous rule, Harlowe can make one ranged attack but hit two different enemies with it. This means Harlowe is excellent and setting up knockouts for other heroes in your Crew or finishing off small pairs of weakened enemies.
    1x Harlowe Holdemhigh
    Please note:
    Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    PIP 63004
    £8.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Scout Helga On Wheels

    Don’t ever tell Helga that she’s not fast ’cause then she’s gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ to prove to you that she is.
    Helga is a Scout class Hero who has unmatched mobility. As the only Hero capable of moving twice in one turn, Helga can burn rubber and speed through the Arena to land a nasty blow to enemies with her spiked bat.
    PIP 63023
    £36.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Spawn Gates & weird Wendell Gremlin Wrangler

    Add a new dimension to your Riot Quest games and ’port into battle in style with a set of new and improved spawn gates! While you’re at it, throw Weird Wendell onto your roster and watch your rivals weep sweet tears of terror as Wendell’s gremlins turn their precious riot gear against them.
    The Spawn Gate expansion includes a new Bounty Deck (12 cards), a Weird Wendell miniature and Hero stat card, a new Riot Gear card, and six Spawn Gate models. The Spawn Gate models are the perfect way to add a bit of bling to your Riot Quest Arena. Each model is placed on one of the six Spawn Gate hexes in the Arena that will help bring each battle to life and also provide a beautiful visual aid for players to easily locate each Spawn Gate space as they play.
    PIP 63015
    £36.75 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Specialist Doctor Stygius

    An apple a day might keep the doctor away in the real world, but in a post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms, it’ll take some seriously heavy firepower to avoid a visit from Dr. Stygius! Suffer a wound while he’s on your crew, and this sinister Cephalyx has a suite of tools to stitch, saw, or scrape away your ails and keep you in the action. But if you’re looting for the other team, don’t forget your tinfoil hat or you may find Stygius psychically scrambling your cerebellum into a savory sauce!
    Doctor Stygius is a Specialist Class Hero that brings a unique and powerful ability to any Crew he joins: Healing! In addition to lowering the cost of Riot Gear equipped to himself or to nearby Crew mates, the “good doctor” can also perform some quick surgery to heal damage his “friends” have sustained in the Arena. Stygius also has the power to melt the minds of his enemies from a respectable distance, possibly even disrupting the opponent’s flow of Action Die thanks to his Scramble ability.
    When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Mercenary Cephalyx Solo and the first Warcaster attachment for Cephalyx Warcasters!
    PIP 63019
    £13.95 save 10%


  • Riot Quest Specialist Master Gurglepox

    You know you always wanted to see a necrotech riding a deathripper. Need we say more?
    Master Gurglepox is a Specialist class Hero that is full of tricks and utility. Like all Specialists, he can lower the Loot Cost to equip Riot Gear to Heroes. Additionally, Gurglepox can earn a player Loot just by attacking and hitting an Enemy, thanks to his Salvage rule. Perhaps his dirtiest trick is his Caustic Fumes ability, which allows him to damage Enemies that are too close when Gurglepox decides to run away.
    When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Cryx Necrotech Solo.
    PIP 63014
    £26.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Specialist Widget Tinker Extraordinaire

    This wiz with a wrench has a place on your bench! As good at fixing things as she is at breaking them - you can see the advantage to that - Widget will leave your opponent asking where this angel got her wings. (Answer: She crafted them out of the sorry scraps of the last scavenger to get in her way.)
    Widget is a Specialist hero with incredibly strong support abilities. What Widget lacks in damage output or defensive, she makes up by supporting her allies. Like all Specialists, Widget reduces the cost of Gear upgrades for herself and nearby heroes in your Crew. With her Engineer ability, Widget and other friendly heroes can interact with Bounty cards for a greater chance at success, earning more Victory Points faster to win the game.
    1x Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire
    Please note:
    Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    PIP 63007
    £8.95 save 10%


  • Riot Quest Starter Box

    The once-great Iron Kingdoms are now a pile of smouldering ruins. But there's treasure everywhere... if you've got the gumption to fight for it! You’ll need a crackerjack crew, gobs of gear, and lots of love for the chaos of battle if you’re going to score the best leftover loot in the land. But watch out! It's every human, dwarf, elf, and goblin for themselves in this outrageous quest for bodacious booty!
    Riot Quest is a fast-moving, highly unpredictable skirmish board game for up to four players using hobby miniatures.
    Each box contains everything one player needs to jump into a game of Riot Quest.
    (Each player will need to have his or her own starter or equivalent contents.)
    Everything a player needs to jump headfirst into the insanity of Riot Quest is contained in this single-player starter box. Inside you'll find five premium quality hobby miniatures, a full-colour Riot Quest arena map, Riot Quest dice, rulebook, and all the game cards and tokens needed. This box represents the core product that all Riot Quest players will need to pick up and expand upon. The rules are simple enough that a player can be playing in no time, and the models included provide them with a balanced starting Crew to begin their journey into the apocalypse.
    1x Eiryss, Fortune Hunter of Ios
    1x Dez
    1x Sir Dreyfuss
    1x Gubbin
    1x Balthazar Bamfist
    15x Dice
    1x Arena Map
    1x Rulebook
    5x Character Stat Cards
    32x Game Cards
    Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
    PIP 63001
    £51.95 save 10%
  • Riot Quest The Wolf with No Name

    For a fistful of crowns, The Wolf with No Name will join your crew. He’s a beast of few words, but for a few crowns more, he’ll happily take on whatever your rivals throw at him—good, bad, or ugly!
    PIP 63010
    £21.45 save 10%
  • Riot Quest Treasure Chest Exp & Flugwug the Filcher

    Pump up your plunder with fully realized, three-dimensional, solid matter renditions of your Riot Quest treasure chests! Then, savor the salt of your opponent’s tears as you shamelessly pillage these containers of coinage with Flugwug the Filcher’s ranged loot licker.

    PIP 63016
    £36.95 save 10%