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Citadel Paint Sets

Citadel Paint Sets Paint Sets


  • Stormcast Eternals Paint Set

    This multi-part plastic Warhammer Age of Sigmar kit gives you everything you need to paint the three snap fit Stormcast Eternals included in the box, six 3ml paint pots and a Citadel Medium Base brush - it’s everything you need from start to finish to put together and paint three amazing Stormcast Eternals miniatures!

    Clear, simple to follow instructions on assembling and painting these Stormcast Eternals are included – they’re designed to help you achieve great results! Paints included in this box:

    - Retributor Armour
    - Imperial Primer
    - Agrellan Earth
    - Kantor Blue
    - Reikland Fleshshade
    - Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Intercessor Space Marine Paint Set

    Intercessor Paint Set is a box containing 3 plastic Easy To Build Primaris Intercessors, the paints you need to paint them and a brush to get you started.

    The miniatures – 2 Primaris Intercessors and a Primaris Intercessor Sergeant – are each armed with a bolt rifle and carry frag and krak grenades, with one holding an auspex with a detailed keypad and display. The Sergeant has a unique bare head, with his detached helmet mag-locked to his belt, and features extra details such as a reliquary and holstered pistol.

    The paints – 6 in total – are 3ml pots of high-quality Citadel paint, and are the essential colours needed to paint the Intercessors as Ultramarines. Included are: 

    • Agrax Earthshade 
    • Armageddon Dust 
    • Balthasar Gold 
    • Macragge Blue 
    • Abaddon Black 
    • Bugman's Glow

    Also included is a brush to get you started.

  • Warhammer 40,000 Essentials Paint Set

    Warhammer 40,000 Essentials Paint Set includes in the box:

    • 5g Plastic Glue 
    • a set of clippers, used to remove the components from their frame
    • a Citadel Starter Brush 
    • 13 3ml pots of high-quality Citadel paints
      • Death Guard Green
      • Armageddon Dust
      • Rakarth Flesh 
      • Balthasar Gold 
      • Macragge Blue 
      • Mephiston Red 
      • Averland Sunset 
      • Agrax Earthshade
      • Mournfang Brown
      • Abaddon Black 
      • Leadbelcher 
      • Bugman's Glow 
      • Ceramite White
    £20.00 save 10%
  • Games Workshop Base Paint Set

    The Games Workshop Citadel Base Paint Set contains 1 Basecoat brush and 11 pots of Citadel paint, including: 1 Leadbelcher, 1 Macragge Blue, 1 Waaagh! Flesh, 1 Bugman's Glow, 1 Mephiston Red, 1 Mournfang Brown, 1 Abaddon Black, 1 Ceramite White, 1 Zandri Dust, 1 Averland Sunset and 1 Balthasar Gold.

  • Games Workshop Shade Paint Set

    The Games Workshop Shade Paint Set contains 8 pots of Citadel Paint which are designed to be applied over the base colours found in the Citadel Base Paint Set. These are: 1 Nuln Oil, 1 Carroburg Crimson, 1 Drakenhof Nightshade, 1 Biel- tan Green, 1 Casandora Yellow, 1 Agrax Earthshade, 1 Reikland Fleshshade,1 Seraphim Sepia. The set also includes 1 Wash Brush.

  • Games Workshop Dry Paint Set

    The Citadel Dry Paint Set contains 10 pots of Citadel Dry Paint that is designed to be applied over the base colours found in the Citadel Base Paint Set. It includes: 1 Longbeard Grey, 1 Necron Compound, 1 Kindleflame, 1 Etherium Blue, 1 Underhive Ash, 1 Hexos Palesun, 1 Tyrant Skull, 1 Golden Griffon, 1 Eldar Flesh, 1 Praxeti White and 1 Medium Drybrush.
  • Games Workshop Layer Paint Set

    Games Workshop Layer Paint Set contains 20 Citadel layer paints, these are: 1 Eshin Grey, 1 Dawnstone, 1 Ironbreaker, 1 Runefang Steel, 1 Evil Sunz Scarlet , 1 Wild Rider Red, 1 Aldorf Guard Blue, 1 Calgar Blue, 1 Warboss Green, 1 Skarsnik Green, 1 Yriel Yellow, 1 Flash Gitz Yellow, 1 Skrag Brown, 1 Deathclaw Brown, 1 Gehenna’s Gold, 1 Auric Armour Gold, 1 Cadian Fleshtone, 1 Kislev Flesh, 1 Ushabti Bone, 1 Screaming Skull and 1 Small Layer brush.
  • Games Workshop Air Paint Set

    Games Workshop Air Paint Set 20 paints are included:

    Karak Stone
    Mephiston Red
    White Scar
    Warboss Green
    Mournfang Brown
    Ushabti Bone
    Averland Sunset
    The Fang
    Flash Gitz Yellow
    Macragge Blue
    Kislev Flesh
    Elysian Green
    Castellan Green
    Troll Slayer Orange
    Caliban Green
    Steel Legion drab
    Tau Light Ochre
    Relictor Gold