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  • Hungarian 38M Toldi I

    The 38M Toldi I, named after the 14th century knight Toldi, was a Hungarian light tank based on the Swedish Landsverk L-60B tank. Due to its light armour and armament, the vehicle was only used for reconnaissance and light support roles.

    Flames Of War contents: this blister pack contains 1x Hungarian 38M Toldi I

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  • Hungarian 39M Csaba

    The 38M Csaba was an effective Hungarian-built armoured car. Initially intended for the British Army, the war intervened and the Csaba was pressed into Hungarian service for reconnaissance duties.

    Flames Of War contents: this blister pack contains 1x Hungarian 39M Csaba

    £8.00 save 40%


  • Hungarian 40M Turan I / II

    Armed with the 40mm 41M gun which fired the same ammunition as the 40mm 37M Bofors Anti-aircraft gun and two 8mm 34/40M machine-guns, the first prototype of the Turán I was completed in August 1941 and went into production in October that same year.

    Delivering to the troops begun in the beginning of 1942 and they were used to equip the 1. and 2. Armored divisions and the 1. Cavalry division in 1942-43. However, the Turán I was hopelessly outclasses by the Soviet T-34 and it was concluded that a minimum main armament of at least 75mm in caliber was needed.

    Such a version of the Turán was on the drawing board as early as 1941 and was originally intended as a support vehicle to the Turán I. Armed with the short-barreled 75mm 41M gun, the new design become known as the Turán II.

    The Turán I and II continued to see heavy fighting during 1944 despite their inferiority to Soviet armour of the time. Regardless of this fact, the chassis of the Turán was used in the design of the Zrínyi II Assault gun and was the basis of a design intended to mount the 75mm gun of the German Panther.

    £8.00 save 40%


  • Hungarian 43M Zra¡nyi II

    After their experience against the Soviets on the Eastern Front, the Hungarian military leaders requested a self-propelled assault gun to aid in their efforts against the hordes of Soviet armour. Based on the hull of the Tur¡n tank, the Zra­nyi II mounted a 105mm 43M howitzer after the proposed 75mm gun proved to the be inadequate. It was planned to equip all of the Hungarian Assault Gun Batteries with the Zra­nyi II, however productions numbers never reached the desired levels and this meant the German made StuG III G and Hetzer help to make up the numbers.

    This Flames of War blister pack contains 1 Hungarian 43M Zra­nyi II self-propelled assault gun.

    £8.00 save 40%


  • Italian Bersaglieri HMG Team

    The 8mm Breda modello 37 heavy machine-gun used by the machine-gun platoons laid down an impressive four hundred and fifty rounds per minute, a withering hail of fire that could be maintained to support the advancing Bersaglieri.

    Flames Of War contents: this special order pack contains 1x Italian Bersaglieri HMG Team



  • Italian Paracadutisti Command Teams

    Each officer of the Paracadutisti had passed jump training, just like their men, and always led attacks from the front. This gained them an enviable reputation and enormous respect from the Paracadutisti.

    Flames Of War contents: this special order pack contains 2x Italian Paracadutisti Command Teams



  • Romanian Cavalry Platoon

    With their specially-trained horses, the Romanian Cavalry were masters at exploiting any breakthrough other troops made in the Soviet lines. Mobile, highly trained and very motivated both on horseback and as dismounted infantry, the Cavalry were elite troops that bolstered the Romanian forces wherever they went.

    Flames Of War contents: this blister pack contains 1x Romanian Cavalry Platoon 1x Romanian Cavalry Command Rifle/MG Team 4x Romanian Cavalry Rifle/MG Teams

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  • Romanian R-2

    The R-2 tank was actually the Czech-designed LT vz35, constructed in the Czech Å koda Works and purchased in some numbers by the Romanian army in 1937. Light and fast but unreliable, under-equipped and under-armoured, it was nevertheless used against the Soviets until the end of 1942.

    Flames Of War contents: this blister pack contains 1x Romanian R-2

    £8.00 save 40%


  • Romanian Skoda 100mm howitzer RO580

    Skoda 100mm howitzer (RO580) with two Skoda 100mm howitzers, two sets of Gun crew & two Large bases.
    £13.50 save 40%