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Mercs Mercs


  • Tearlach McMurrough (2 Chain Rifle, Templar CCW)

    Tearlach McMurrough (2 Chain Rifle, Templar CCW) NEW

    £12.50 save 20%
  • Yuan Yuan (Rifle, Chain Rifle) Mercenary

    Yuan Yuan (Rifle, Chain Rifle) Mercenary
    £12.50 save 20%
  • Saito Togan (Combi, EXP CCW) Mercenary

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Blister with 1 miniature: Saito Togan (Combi Rifle, EXP CCW)
    £7.50 save 20%
  • Senor Massacre (AP CCW, E/M CCW)

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Blister with 1 miniature: Senor Massacre (AP CCW, E/M CCW)
    £7.50 save 20%
  • Father Lucien Sforza, Authorized Bounty-Hunter (Viral Rifle + ADHL)

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Blister with 1 miniature: Lucien Sforza (Viral Rifle + ADHL)
    £7.50 save 20%
  • Druze Shock Team

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Box with 4 miniatures: Shock (Combi Rifle, CC Weapon), Shock (Combi Rifle, D.E.P.), Shock (Combi Rifle, Hacker Device), Shock (Combi Rifle + Light GL)

    £22.50 save 20%
  • Anaconda, Mercenary TAG Squadron

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Box with 2 miniatures: Anaconda (Spitfire), Anaconda Operator (Spitfire)
    £36.99 save 20%
  • O-12 High Commissioner (HVT/ Civil)

    Infinity by Corvus Belli Blister with 1 miniature: O-12 High Commisioner An O-12 High Commissioner is a high-ranking civil servant who has a special executive position as head of a Commission or is undertaking a special task at the direction of the highest echelons of O-12. This supranational institution can appoint Commissioners with the task of investigating, monitoring and evaluating the enforcement of specific international laws by O-12 member states. Consequently, High Commissioners serve as specially appointed diplomatic agents and representatives of O-12 policy wherever in the Human Sphere they go in performance of their tasks. These civil servants wield a significant amount of executive power, and they can demand full access and freedom of movement through any country within the scope of their Commission. They also have the power to call for sanctions by the berhaus and the O-12 Security Council if they confirm violations of international law.

    Generally seen by political elites as meddling intruders, High Commissioners inspire well-concealed feelings of fear, animosity and contempt in all Governments of the Sphere, who will do anything in their power to manipulate them and gain their favor. Operating in this treacherous atmosphere, High Commissioners must often keep in the shadows of diplomacy, where honeyed words become bribes and threats become covert assassinations.
    £8.00 save 20%
  • Yojimbo - Mercenary Sword box set (Biker & Foot)

    Box with 4 miniatures: Yojimbo (Biker miniature), Yojimbo (Standing miniature), 2x Crazy Koala

    New release! Yojimbo is a swordmaster, a prodigious warrior like no other, whose lethal dexterity is added to an implacable character. In this box you will find two different versions of this mercenary character, one riding his bike and a dismounted one. And don't forget about his two tiny and explosive Crazy Koalas!

    £22.50 save 20%
  • Armand Freelance Killer (MULTI Sniper Rifle)

    So what you really are is a triple agent, a mute Tohaa not able to speak the pheromonic language, who roams the Human Sphere and will murder for any side. Your sole distraction is music, and mangling a harpset performance is your way to keep the stress and paranoia from driving you insane.

    By now you're wondering whether this whole thing is OK. All these lies within lies, all this killing and harm. Let me put you at ease: it is. It is the right thing to do. It is necessary. Your race needs you. This is the only way to save our civilization, and you are a key component of this masterplan. Even if it takes messing with your memories like this.

    To recap: your name is Armand.  No, it isn’t. Your name is Armaan Leemue, or so you think. You are a hired assassin who will work for any side. But that is not entirely true, either. You are a traitor, infiltrated into the Human Sphere in service of the Evolved Intelligence. But that, too, is a smokescreen. You are a double agent working for the Tohaa Trident who has gained access to a clandestine Combined Army network. And you aren’t that at all. The truth is, you are an undercover Triumvirate operative furthering an agenda so secret that you can’t even remember it because I’m here editing your Cube memory every time you start piecing it together. All you need to know is that you are one of the most dangerous individuals in the Sphere. You are a professional and a virtuoso, and your impeccable skills are on offer for anyone with the money to pay for them. You also happen to love music, and you are the only person in the universe who thinks you can play well that blasted harpset.

    This Infinity pack contains 1 model


    £8.50 save 20%