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Judge Dredd

Eighteen different forces are available in the core rules of Judge Dredd, giving you a wide choice to match your playing style, ranging from the iconic Judges to mutated vermin from the depths of the irradiated Cursed Earth!


  • The Ape Gang

    This Judge Dredd Boxed set contains 8 metal figures.

    1 Orangutan Boss, 3 Chimps, 3 Gorillas, 1 Orangutan Sniper
  • Cursed Earth Desperados

    This Judge Dredd Boxed set contains 8 metal figures.

    Mutant with Long Arms, Desperado with cleaver, Desperado with dual weapons, Desperado with axe, Mutant with stump gun, Mutant with handgun and knife, Mutant with double-barrelled stump gun, Desperado with handgun and knife
  • The Dark Judges

    This Judge Dredd Boxed set contains 8 metal figures: 4 Judges and 4 spirit forms

    Judges Fire, Fear, Mortis and Death - names guaranteed to bring horror to Mega-City One.

    These undead Judges from another dimension believe that all life is a crime - their mission to exterminate it! There spirits cannot truly be killed, so even the combined might of Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson has not stopped them slaughtering millions (including the entire city of Las Vegas).
  • Judges of the World

    There are several Mega-Cities spread across the world, the last vestiges of civilisation that have walled themselves off from the atomic wasteland outside. Each has a very different society and culture but all are guarded by some form of Justice Department and Judges.

    It is quite common for a Judge of one city to travel to another, be it to pursue or help capture a criminal that escaped from their city, for political visits, or for friendly ‘exchange’ programmes, allowing one Justice Department to learn from the methods of another.

    Box contains 8 metal figures on foot.
  • Mega City Street Gang

    This Judge Dredd Boxed set contains 8 metal figures.

    6 Juves, 1 Punk Psychic, 1 Punk with heavy weapon.