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  • Infernal Army Box

    Infernal Army Box

    PIP 38006
    £195.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Cav Solo Fallen Knight Valin Hauke

    Infernal Cav Solo Fallen Knight Valin Hauke

    PIP 38001
    £31.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Character Dark Seeker Eilish Garrity

    Nowhere is the potential scope of infernal corruption more evident than with Eilish Garrity, the once affable arcanist of the Black River Irregular mercenaries. Eilish still sees in the mirror the man he once was. When speaking to outsiders, his charm can return, allowing him to present a smiling face to those who, moments later, are overwhelmed by his magic and offered to his infernal masters. He is addicted to power, with a thirst for hidden knowledge that has taken him down a path to disgrace and degradation. He greedily accepted the forbidden lore that was offered him and, in doing so, damned himself beyond redemption. The Dark Seeker is a potent arcane spellslinger who offers a lot of flexibility to your Infernal forces. Hex Blast is a potent damaging spell that can also strip buffs off enemy models (or debuffs from your own, if you’re willing to risk their lives in the attempt!). Puppet Master can help ensure those critical attacks land or impair your opponent’s dice roll. And when Eilish has outlived his usefulness, his Arcane Pulse will strip your opponent of their nearby upkeeps when Eilish dies.

    PIP 38018
    £13.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Character Solo Lord Roget d' Vyros

    An arcanist who becomes an infernalist can seize a leadership position among the cults, attracting others into their pacts. Lord Roget d’Vyros is an example of one who has risen to such a position. A former member of the Order of the Golden Crucible, Roget is glad to have put that group behind him and now openly serves his new masters. His arcane skill was once mediocre, but he has achieved harmonic exaltation with the infernals, able to augment their strength and to borrow their greater magic to employ as his own. Roget d’Vyros is an attachment for your Infernal Master, one that augments the Master’s already considerable arcane might with additional helpful abilities like Harmonious Exaltation to reduce the cost of your Infernal Master’s next spell. Roget’s unique feature is Willing Vessel, which allows him to be sacrificed to summon an Infernal Horror with no additional Essence Cost, making him an essential tool to help manage your resources.

    PIP 38019
    £13.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Command Orin Midwinter Master Preceptor

    Orin Midwinter is a man who has gone through several transformations in his checkered past. Some people seem destined to lead, others to serve, and Midwinter has always felt driven to assist those in power. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would become one of the most influential secret infernalists in western Immoren, playing a key role in the great invasion. He has earned a special place of power and influence among the infernalist cultists, collaborating with the infernal masters. In doing so, he has earned the unending enmity of the rest of humanity.

    PIP 38015
    £11.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Command Zaateroth Weaver of Shadows inc resin

    Zaateroth is a fell master of tremendous intellect and will, an entity whose very appearance can overwhelm lesser minds, forcing them to their knees. She possesses an aura of alien grace and majesty that is both cold and terrifying. It is no wonder that in ancient times, those who witnessed Zaateroth thought her a dark goddess, and in occult texts, she is described as a personification of death and decay. At her least touch, corporeal forms begin to lose coherence, falling to ruin as if left to age for a thousand years. Shadows move about her like specters, and in these shadows is the essence of the Outer Abyss.

    PIP 38016
    £31.75 save 10%
  • Infernal Heavy Horror Desolator

    The larger horrors sent forth by the infernals are massive hulks, their strange hides resistant to cutting and resilient against all but the mightiest blows. Desolators are terrifying to behold, their bodies festooned with myriad tumor-like bulbous sacs, each serving as a bladder for caustic liquids this horror unleashes through the maws of its attack limbs to obliterate its foes. Enemies closing with a Desolator are soon shredded by its upper limbs, which end in exceedingly sharp long-bladed claws
    PIP 38009
    £38.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Heavy Horror Soul Stalker

    Infernal Heavy Horror Soul Stalker

    PIP 38004
    £41.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Heavy Horror Tormentor

    The larger horrors sent forth by the infernals are massive hulks, their strange hides resistant to cutting and resilient against all but the mightiest blows. A Tormentor threshes through mortal warriors, severing limbs and inflicting other ghastly wounds. To this creature, a living body is just clay, something easily and brutally dismantled to separate the soul from the flesh that anchors it to Caen. Each of its massive toothy attack claws contains an open throat ready to swallow any flesh or metal it tears loose. Some believe these mouths to be themselves portals to the Outer Abyss.
    PIP 38008
    £38.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Lesser Horror Foreboders (2)

    Infernal Lesser Horror Foreboders (2)
    PIP 38011
    £11.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Light Horror Lamenter

    Infernal Light Horror Lamenter

    PIP 38003
    £18.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Master Agathon Voice in Darkness

    Infernal Master Agathon Voice in Darkness  inc resin

    PIP 38013
    £33.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Master The Black Gate Omodamos

    All infernal masters are adept at battle, but more than any other, Omodamos embraces combat as the essence of his being. This master is a juggernaut of destruction, a force of unnature, and a being whose arrival presages slaughter and endings. He is called the Black Gate, for he eschews negotiations and contracts, preferring to tear souls directly from the slain and send them howling into the Outer Abyss. His arrival on Caen affords ample opportunities to inflict chain reactions of destruction and suffering, a pleasure denied him in the outer realms. Where Omodamos strides, reality weakens and buckles, flinching back as if afraid.
    PIP 38010
    £38.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Solo The Wretch

    Infernal Solo The Wretch

    PIP 38007
    £18.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Solo Umbral Guardian

    Infernal Solo Umbral Guardian

    PIP 38002
    £14.95 save 10%
  • Infernal Unit & WA Cultist Band & Dark Sentinels

    Infernal Unit & WA Cultist Band & Dark Sentinels

    PIP 38005
    £36.95 save 10%
  • Infernals Light Horror Shrieker

    Infernals Light Horror Shrieker
    PIP 38012
    £10.95 save 10%