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Hordes Trollblood Trollkin Runebearer

Hordes Trollblood Trollkin Runebearer


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Some of the most learned trollkin runescribes choose to accompany their leaders into battle. Carrying the sacred tablets of their kriel, runebearers are capable of amplifying the Dhunian gifts of trollkin warlocks. The glyphs glow as the runebearer speaks them aloud, easing their warlock's use of their fury-driven prayers and sorcery. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Trollblood Trollkin Runebearer
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  • Hordes Trollblood Skaldi Bonehammer

    The mighty Trollkin warrior Skaldi Bonehammer is a champion among the champions of the bitter North, his thirst for glory and carnage an infectious tide that spreads like wildfire among the Trollkin he leads. His thirst for battle is legendary, and his relentless fighting style combines bone-cracking strength and a fearsome swiftness that leaves allies in awe and enemies broken and bleeding. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Trollblood Skaldi Bonehammer
    PIP 71050
  • Hordes Trollblood Whelps

    Trollblood Whelps. contents: this blister pack contains 5x Trollblood Whelps
    PIP 71040
  • Hordes Trollblood Stone Scribe Elder

    Trollblood Stone Scribe Elder. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Trollblood Stone Scribe Elder
    PIP 71041
  • Hordes Trollblood Pyre Troll

    The fearsome pyre trolls are able to belch gouts of combustible liquid that ignites in the air, sticks to flesh, and burns at hellish temperatures. After softening foes with blazing spittle, Pyre Trolls use their thick claws to tear apart their sizzling victims. Even their skin exudes heat, the air around them smouldering with ripples that warn of the inferno to come.

    PIP 71067
  • Trollkin Sorcerer Hordes Trollbloods

    The sorcerers of the trollkin are not timid lore masters but determined and lethal combatants. Typically born with the white skin and red eyes of albinos, making them easily recognized as trollkin sorcerers at birth, they often command powers associated with elements prevalent in the region of their birth. Thus, many originating from the north command the cold winds of winter as a powerful weapon that can be used to attack or defend.

    Product Information

    Base Size: 40mm
    PIP Code: 71076
    Model Materials: White Metal
    Model Count: 1
    Packaging: Blister
    PIP 71076
  • Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes Trollblood Hordes

    Sacred monuments of the trollkin, krielstones are carried into battle as reservoirs of spiritual energy. Only the strongest trollkin can bear the immensely heavy stones, which radiate an aura that protects nearby warriors. The accompanying stone scribes bear witness to the brave deeds of their kin and help capture the stone’s sacred power in their scrolls.

    SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 71091 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 71017. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 71091 replaces PIP 71017 and PIP 71018 by offering their contents in a complete unit.

    Product Information

    • Base Size: 40mm
    • PIP Code: 71091
    • Model Materials: Resin & White Metal
    • Model Count: 6
    • Packaging: Box
    PIP 71091
  • Northkin Fire Eaters Trollbloods Hordes

    Trollbloods are known for their insatiable thirst for booze, but few imbibe like the nomadic fire eaters that travel the Rimeshaws. Favouring extremely potent moonshine, fire eaters spit this volatile concoction across torches to ignite the spray, resulting in spectacular fireballs. When called to battle they use their fire-breathing skills to belch gouts of flame in defence of their fellow trollkin.

    Product Information

    • Base Size: 30mm 40mm
    • PIP Code: 71088
    • Model Materials: Plastic
    • Model Count: 3
    • Packaging: Box
    PIP 71088
  • Trollblood Northkin Bear Handler and Battle Bears

    Trollblood Northkin Bear Handler and Battle Bears are known for their skill in capturing and training wild northern bears, for the power of these beasts makes them potent weapons in times of war. By simple gestures combined with commands, a bear handler can designate prey even in the chaos of battle. The beasts become protective of their trainers and handlers and will lash out at anyone who raises a hand against them, making them useful guardians.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 40mm/50mm
    • Model Materials: Metal, Resin
    • Model Count: 3
    • Packaging: Box
    PIP 71109
  • Trollblood Warlock Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch

    Trollblood Warlock Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch is a half-mad and mystifying oracle. Born with the gift of sorcery, this trollkin witch could read the threads of the future in entrails and bones, glimpse fates in the eddies and whorls of a blizzard, and divine the destiny of a people in a patch of frostbite blackening a limb. Kolgrima emerged from the cave serving as her mountain lair when enemies threaten the north, accompanied by a great pack of winter trolls and serving as ancient war leader rather than oracle.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 40mm
    • Model Materials: Metal, Resin
    • Model Count: 1
    • Packaging: Blister
    PIP 71117
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