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Hordes Legion of Everblight Naga Nightlurker

Hordes Legion of Everblight Naga Nightlurker


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This Hordes pack contains one Legion of Everblight Naga Nightlurker.

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  • Hordes Legion of Everblight Spell Martyrs

    The forces of Everblight do not thrive due to numerical superiority or fortified holdings but rather due to their adaptability. Everblight’s spell martyrs are a gruesome example of this ruthless cunning. These blighted Nyss are imbued with the dragon’s blighted energy, allowing warlocks to tap into their essence to unleash powerful spells. This overwhelming flow of arcane energy consumes the spell martyr just as it consumes the bodies of Everblight’s enemies.


    Base Size:  30mm
    PIP Code:  73053
    Model Count:  3
    Packaging:  Blister
    Release Date:  September 08, 2010
    PIP 73053
  • Hordes Legion of Everblight Teraph

    The Teraph - the most patient and silent dragonspawn - burrows into the ground to lay in ambush where it strikes with its poisonous tail or explosive breath whenever an enemy comes close. Known for the speed of its strike, the Teraph forms an essential part of the Legion's formations. It can sow terror and confusion when it obliterates a foe in cloud of blighted ash. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Legion of Everblight Teraph
    PIP 73006
  • Hordes Legion of Everblight Angelius

    The six-winged Angelius screams into the sky as a pronouncement of Everblight's power. This beast falls like a sword upon its prey, pierces any armour with its barbed tail, and rises again despite all attempts to halt it. Soaring for the first time in two thousand years, the Angelius gluts itself on slaughter as the Legion inexorably advances south. contents: this boxed set contains 1x Legion of Everblight Angelius
    PIP 73021
  • Hordes Legion of Everblight Light Warbeast Raek

    This Hordes blister pack contains one Raek Light Warbeast.
    PIP 73023
  • Hordes Afflictor

    Among the myriad powers at Everblight’s disposal, the most terrifying is the dragon’s capacity to infect his enemies in body and mind. The blight is not only a means to create his servants and spawn but also a weapon to be wielded against lesser creatures. The afflictor was birthed to serve this very purpose. Its body is a vessel for delivering the seed of all-consuming, destructive life. Struck by the beast’s wicked tail, a victim is pumped full of caustic corruption, its flesh made a vessel for a new child of the dragon.

    PIP 73075
  • Battlegroup Legion of Everblight Hordes

    Legion of Everblight Battlegroup contains everything one player needs to start playing Hordes.

    From the frozen north the twisted servants of the dragon Everblight descend upon western Immoren in an avalanche of fury and dragon fire, laying waste to all at the bidding of their master. Harness the power of the Legion to obliterate your foes with this fully loaded battlegroup box.

    This Hordes Battlegroup contains:

    • 5 Highly Detailed, Single coloured Plastic Miniatures with Stat Cards
    • Basic Training Tutorial Guide
    • Battle Map
    • Introductory Guide
    • HORDES: Primal Rules Digest
    • 18” Ruler
    • 4 Six-sided Dice
    • 10 Fury Tokens
    • 3 Spell Tokens
    • Obstacle Card
    PIP 73096
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