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Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast


  • Viking Hirdmen Plastic Boxed Set

    WarGameStore are pleased to present Gripping Beast's new Viking Hirdsmen plastic boxed set. 


    Bent solely on pillaging monasteries, enslaving the helpless and massacring all who stood in their way the Viking Raiders are truly a force to be feared.   

    They made surprise attacks on lonely places where they knew they would not have to fight a big English army. English kings were too busy fighting one another to join forces against the Vikings so there was no English navy to guard the coasts making it easy for Vikings to land on a beach or sail up a river. After a raid the ships sailed home laden with treasures and captives.


    • The Viking box set features 44 multi-pose hard-plastic figures.  
    • Also included in the box is a sprue of plastic bases and four paper Viking banners.  
    GBP 001
  • Saxon Thegn Plastic Boxed Set

    Contains 44 figures

    GBP 002
  • Dark Age Warriors Plastic Boxed Set

    Inside this Gripping Beast Box Set you will find parts to assemble 40 finely detailed Dark Age Warriors. Each Warrior can be armed with a spear but for extra flexibility, the set also contains additional parts for you to make up to 8 of these warriors with swords, up to 8 with hand axes, up to 32 with slings or up to 16 with javelins. The box also contains extra parts to create horn-blowers and plastic bases for all your figure.

    GBP 003
  • Arab Spearmen & Archers

    Inside you will find parts to assemble 40 plastic Arab warriors. You can make a combination of up to 16 archers, 16 javelin men or 40 speamen. The box also contains extra parts to build some of your figures as horn blowers or swordsmen. Box also contains Renedra plastic bases for all your figures.

    GBP 004
  • Arab Heavy Cavalry

    12 Multi-part Plastic Arab Heavy Cavalry and bases. Comes with enough parts to make either 12 spear armed or 12 bow armed chaps or some mix of both! Contains extra head variants, separate bow cases and quivers, alternative arms with swords or trumpets.

    GBP 05
  • Dark Age Archers Plastic Boxed Set

    Dark Age Archers Plastic Boxed Set contains 30 Plastic Archers. Includes bases for your Big-Battle games of Swordpoint, as either Light Infantry or Skirmishers. Very flexible!
  • Dark Age Cavalry Gripping Beast

    Dark Age Cavalry is a box containing all the parts to assemble 12 plastic cavalrymen plus bases suitable for the Swordpoint gaming system or any other Dark Age gaming system in 28mm such as SAGA.

    They can be used to represent any unarmoured cavalry of the period from around 300AD to approx 800AD including Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Germans, Heruls, Lombards and loads more.

    Parts from this box are compatible with many parts from all our other box sets so you can do many, many conversions. For example, use some Roman helmets from Late Roman Infantry box to make Roman light cavalry.

    Sculpted by Bob Naismith.

    Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Basic modelling skills required to assemble.