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  • Bolt Action Templates (Plastic)

    Bolt Action Templates (Plastic) are brand new for Bolt Action Second Edition! All the tokens required to keep track of your squads actions and other useful reminders plus the essential new template for High Explosive (HE) ordnance - the bigger the artillery the bigger the area!

  • Pin Markers (Plastic)

    These 3D markers are made in a clear red plastic… simply pop the 2 parts together and you’ve an instant marker to track the amount of pins that a unit has taken. Ideal for Antares and also for your Bolt Action battles!

    When a unit is shot at by an enemy unit and suffers one or more hits it takes one pin once any casualties have been removed. Some kinds of special munitions are designed to inflict extra pins; for example netmunitions, which cast a temporary suspensor net over the target.

  • Bolt Action Orders Dice

    Pack contains 10 Warlord Games order dice.
  • Barbed Wire 28mm

    Introduce barbed wire to your games with this terrain from Warlord Games, easy to use just cut to the size you require. This Warlord games pack is suiutable for any 28mm scale game

  • Bolt Action German Vehicle Decals

    Bolt Action German Vehicle Decals - 4 sheets
  • Bolt Action Soviet Vehicle Decals

    Bolt Action Soviet Vehicle Decals - 4 sheets contains:

    • 2 x Soviet Stars
    • 1 x Slogans and numbers A
    • 1 x Slogans and numbers B
  • Pinned Markers

    Contains 25 mixed metal pin markers from all 7 varieties.
  • Wrecked House

    Another great plastic terrain piece for World War II battlefields – a bombed out house – perfect cover for infantry squads and a good objective for a game of Bolt Action:

    This Warlord games kit includes a cobblestone base, sandbag defences, a fallen door, stairs and many other details inside and out.