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Soldiers Soldiers


  • British Airborne WWII Allied Paratroopers

    British Airborne WWII Allied Paratroopers contains:

    • Enough plastic components to make 30 British or Polish Airborne miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models.
    • Plenty of equipment including: Lee Enfield rifle, Mk V Sten Gun, Bren gun LMG, scoped Lee Enfield rifle, PIAT, Webley pistol, Mills Bomb hand grenades.
    • Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
    • Full-colour waterslide decal sheet
    • Construction leaflet. 
    • Also allows for Polish airborne troops to be built – their larger grey berets being a distinctive difference to their British counterparts.
  • Waffen SS Warlord Games

    Waffen SS Warlord Games comprises a brand new plastic frame packed with superbly sculpted detail, including camouflage on the helmets, loose weaponry and equipment, and even a broom handled Mauser pistol.

    This Warlord Games box set also includes optional heads for SS-Handschar.


    • Plastic components to make 30 mid-late war Waffen SS Grenadier figures. Includes options for different weapon configurations and command models.
    • Equipment included: STG44 assault rifle, Kar 98K rifle, MG42 light machine gun, MP40 sub-machine gun, Gewehr 43 rifle, stick grenades, Panzerfaust, field glasses and a broom-handled Mauser pistol
    • Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
    • Construction leaflet.
    • Full-colour waterslide decals.
  • Soviet Infantry plastic box set

    These are the men who fought ferociously to defend Mother Russia from the German invasion of 1941 through to the fall of Berlin in 1945. Simple peasant soldiers, they were taught to obey orders and do as they were told. Their life was hard and their battles probably unequalled in history for scale and suffering.

    The Russian divisions grew from a disorganised mass to a fully capable and experienced force of modern infantry in just a few short years, a deadly weapon tempered in the cauldron of battle against the German invaders.

    "Quantity has a quality of its own" said Joseph Stalin, alluding to the huge numbers of men he could put into the field. Well-equipped with simple, solid weaponry the Soviet soldier was a terror in attack and the very devil in defence as the legendary sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad hold in stark testimony.

    This box gives you a platoon of grim Russian infantry with a variety of equipment and weaponry. Assemble your men, fix bayonets, look to your front and don’t let the Commissar see you lag behind…

    Soviet Infantry contains: Enough plastic components to make 40 Soviet Union infantry miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models.

    Weapons included: Moisin Nagant rifle (scoped, with bayonet and without), PTRD Anti-tank rifle, submachine guns (PPS-43 , PPSh-41 and PPD-40), Moisin Nagant carbine, DT-28 light machine gun, Tokarev semi-automatic rifle (and bayonet version), pistols and captured Panzerfaust! Round plastic bases (25mm diameter). Background leaflet.

  • American Infantry Plastic Boxed Set

    Designed to be equipped for use in all theatres of the war in which American soldiers fought and at anytime during America's involvement in the conflict, these great multi-pose plastics allow you loads of options - you can even use them as Free French or Brazilians during WWII and they're also ideal for us as American soldiers during the Korean War! Box contains 25 plastic infantry Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

  • Rangers Lead The Way!

    Rangers Lead The Way! contains enough plastic and metal components to make 25 US Rangers miniatures, including a host of different weapon and command model options.

    Metal parts include Bangalore torpedoes, M2 flame-thrower, pick/mattocks, axes, wirecutters, heads with goggles, and US Ranger knuckle-knife. 8 unique metal heads representing well-known film characters. Weapons include M1 carbine, Springfield rifle (plus scoped version and also version with bayonet fitted), M3 ‘Grease Gun’ sub-machine gun, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), M1 Garand rifle (plus scoped version and version with bayonet fitted), Bazooka, Thompson sub-machine gun, Winchester combat shotgun, Browning M1911 pistol, hand grenades, bandoliers and ammunition pouches.

    25mm round plastic bases

    Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

  • US Marines Plastic Box Set

    This Warlord box contains 5 USMC plastic sprues 1 US plastic weapons sprue USMC leaflet enough to make 30 US Marines with a variety of weapons

  • Merrills Marauders Squad

    In 1943 the US high command raised a unit to rival the famous British Chindits, men who were to take the war to the Japanese behind their lines. They were officially called 5307 Composite Unit but, under their tough and charismatic leader – Brigadier General Frank Merrill – soon earned their famous name.

    These hard-marching, tough volunteers raided Japanese supply lines and airfields, carrying their supplies by mule and by horse. 3,000 strong, the three battalions were equipped with a variety of semi- and fully-automatic weapons, as well as their trademark headgear. They were further toughened by intense training and marksmanship courses.

    Their support weapons, man-portable by necessity, consisted of bazookas and 60mm mortars, and even occasionally Boys anti-tank rifles. They fought in numerous raids and earned a reputation for tenacity and jungle-fighting skills, helped on many occasions by native Kachin scouts who knew the terrain of the Burma theatre. Merrill,s Marauders were a tough unit and uniquely each man who served in the three battalions was awarded a Bronze Star medal. Their specialist skills will be of great use to US players in games of Bolt Action.

    This Warlord Games box set contains a 10-man Marauders Squad: • 1 NCO and three soldiers with SMGs • 2 soldiers with BARs • 4 riflemen

  • US Army 60mm Light Mortar Team

    Contains 3 models and a light mortar
  • US Army 75mm Howitzer

    Pack contains 1 metal gun and 3 metal crew figures.
  • Bolt Action US Army M2A1 105mm howitzer

    This Bolt Action Pack contains 1 metal gun and 4 metal crew.

    Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
  • US Army M5 3" Anti Tank Gun

    This Warlord Games pack Pack contains 1 metal anti-tank gun and 4 crew figures figures.
  • US Army 50 Cal HMG team

    Arguably the best heavy machine gun of the war, over 2,000,000 .50 calibre M2 machine guns were made during the course of the Second World War. As the most powerful small arms weapon at the disposal of American forces, the M2 would become affectionately known as 'Ma Deuce' or simply 'the fifty'.

    Pack contains 4 metal figures & a gun

    Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted