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Perry Perry Miniatures


  • American Civil War Cavalry

    These 28mm American Civil War Cavalry plastic miniature figures are designed to be used as either Union or Confederate cavalry in table top games. Both sides wore similar uniforms, and the plastic model kit contains everything you need to assemble the figures as either.

    This plastic model box contains:
    • 12 plastic Cavalry figures.
    • 4 flags.
    • A set of rules for games of Toy Soldiers with these cavalry figures.
  • American Civil War Union Infantry Skirmishing

    American Civil War Union Infantry Skirmishing are variously firing, loading and running. They are all in sack coats and have the choice of either forage caps or broad-brimmed hats. The figures are the same as the Union box ACW 115 but are a different mix to allow a skirmish force to be built. You could also create a ragged firing line with most of the the figures too.

    There are 38 figures in the set with individual 20mm round bases and flags.

  • Union Artillery

    This Perry Blister pack contains 1 Union Artillery firing piece (12 pdr Napoleon,6 pdr and 12pdr Howitzer barrels)
  • Confederate Artillery

    This Perry Blister pack contains Confederate Artillery firing piece
  • American Civil War Zouaves

    These 28mm plastic American Civil War Cavalry figures are represented in full Zouave kit, the most colourful uniforms seen on the battlefield of the American Civil War.  The figures are all advancing rapidly, with arms that allow you to depict them all at right shoulder shift, or at a more intimidating charge.

    This plastic model box contains:
    • 42 Zouaves including command.
  • American Civil War Southern Infantry 1861-65

    28mm Plastic figures designed by Alan Perry The figures in this box represent a Southern infantry regiment form 1862 onwards although there are a fair amount of units that can be depicted from 1861 too. They are all represented in short jackets typical of the entire Southern Army from mid-1863. Both caps and broad-brimmed hats are included for all figures as some regiments adopted the hat and others the cap, although most had a mix. All figures have separate arms to allow you build the regiment at ‘right shoulder shift’ or at the charge. 44 figures in the box, 8 flags, unit bases and a painting guide. Cover painting by Peter Dennis

  • American Civil War Artillery ACW

    This plastic American Civil War Artillery set contains 3 guns, 3 limbers and 18 crew plus bases. There are 4 gun barrels for each gun; Napoleon 12pdr, 3 inch Ordnance Rifle, 10 pdr Parrott and 12 pdr Howitzer.

    All the crew are multipose with many separate arm variants to enable you to create the right drill positions for the guns. There are separate forage caps, kepis and slouch hats foe all the crew so you can choose which side to portray.

    Designed by Alan and Michael Perry
  • Perry English Army 1415-1429 (36 figures)

    The figures in this Perry Miniatures Box Set represent the English Army at the height of the Hundred Years War, when the English bowmen dominated the field of battle in France. Specifically the figures cover the period from the Battle of Agincourt (in 1415, when they were led by Henry V) to the Siege of Orleans (1429, when the French were led by Joan of Arc) which became the turning point of the war. All the Men at Arms are represented in the full plate harness which was now the norm for gentry, as with the metal range, they cover the first flowering of real full plate armour. This being mostly rounded and 'globular'. Although they are described these as English they could be used as French too. The only differences being the English tending to fight in 'white' uncovered armour a little more more than the French. With armour styles the box covers the main types used during these 14 years. Things changed quite fast especially with the basinets at this time. More plates were being added to the basic basinet with aventail until the aventail disappeared altogether and you had the full great basinet. The houndskull visors also became globular during this period.

    Shields for Men at Arms had more or less been dropped from use in the field as the armour became more complete, so there’s only one on the sprue (2 per box). All the visors are separate as is the 'orle' or decorated circlet which was typically English. Two of the bodies have jupons and the other four are in 'white' armour. These designed these so some of the arms from the Wars of the Roses sets are interchangeable, the shoulders are the same width at least. So with some of the 'white' armoured bodies (i.e. the ones in the great basinets) you should be able to bridge the 1440’s with the WotR arms.

    The archers are represented in padded aketons, nocking, drawing and loosing as a cohesive body. We’ve included a few pairs for arms for close combat too. These will be available separately as you might want to raise the ratio of the archers to men at arms. The box contains 24 archers and 12 men at arms. With the archers there is also a trumpet arm, the men at arms frame includes a longer spear that can be used for a standard or banner. Commanders can be used from within the men at arms.

    The box contains: 36 figures, unit bases, 17 banners, 6 standards, painting guide and information sheet.

  • Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29

    This Perry Miniatures box contains 36 Infantry and 6 knights/men at arms. The infantry are armed with spears, crossbows, double handed axes and hand weapons. The knights have cut-down lances/spears, pole arms and swords.

  • Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-1429

    This Perry Miniatures box contains 36 Knights/Men at Arms. There 18 'English' knights and 18 'French', however all could be used for the same side or any west european nation. They are armed with cut-down lances/spears, pole arms and swords.
  • American War of Independence British Infantry 1775 - 1783

    This box contains centre company men (or hat men) of a typical British regiment for the war. The regiments flank companies were normally detached to for combined light and grenadier battalions. They are represented in cut-down coats for campaign and come with three hat variants; the typical cocked hat, the un-cocked hat or board brimmed hat and the ‘Saratoga cap’, cut down from the cocked hat. They can be assembled either at the charge or at the trail ( probably the most common drill position when operating in wooded countryside). The also wear the typical gaiter-trousers or American trousers which became very popular in the war. The officers are in simple undress coats favoured on campaign. Box contains: 36 figures plus 2 casualties, units bases, full painting guide and flags

  • American War of Independence Continental Infantry 1776-1783

    The Perry Miniatures box contains 38 Continental Infantry with the option of four to six command figures and up to four Riflrmen. All the rank and file can be assembbled in either formal or informal marching poses. Four figures on the 'Rifleman' sprue can be made up as either riflemen skirmishing or Continentals marching (formal and informal) in hunting shirts. These can be mixed in with the rest of the infantry, who are wearing coats, to create a less regular look to the unit. The command sprue offers the option of up to three officer types and up to two standard bearer options. A drummer and two sergeant arms are also included with all the figures in the box, you also have the choice of three different types of head gear; the cocked hat, the short-brimmed round hat and a peaked cap. Although the box is dated from 1776, when the comtinental system came in, there are many regiments from 1775 that can be assembled and are included in the painting guide. A full painting guide (with over 120 uniforms), flags and unit bases are also include.

  • Plastic Bases (Warlord Miniatures Infantry Style)

    A sprue of Plastic Bases (Warlord Miniatures Infantry Style)

  • Plastic Bases (Perry Miniatures Cavalry Style)

    (As used in Perry Miniatures cavalry box sets)

    Mixed bag:

    • 8 of 45mm x 60mm
    • 16 of 45mm x 20mm
    • 4 of 45mm X 40mm
  • Plastic Bases Limber/Wagon

    4 bases for limber or wagon

    Suitable for Cannon and Limber plus 4 or 6 horses or alternatively Wagon/Cart and horses.

    The bases are 3mm think and have ribbing on the underside to add strength.
    Each pack contains 2 frames giving two of each base. 

    2 of 230mm x 50mm

    2 of 210mm x 50 mm

  • Plastic Bases (Perry Miniatures Cavalry Style) (CLONE)

    (As used in Perry Miniatures cavalry box sets)

    Mixed bag:

    • 8 of 45mm x 60mm
    • 16 of 45mm x 20mm
    • 4 of 45mm X 40mm
  • Mixed Wargaming Infantry Bases

    2 sprues of Plastic Bases each containing:

    • 16 of 20mm x 20mm
    • 2 of 100mm x 20mm
    • 2 of 40mm x 40mm
    • 2 of 60mm x 20mm
    • 2 of 40mm x 20mm
  • British Napoleonic Foot Artillery firing 9 pdr

    This Perry Napoleonic Blister pack contains a British Napoleonic Foot Artillery unit firing 9 pdr as pictured
  • Wellington, Uxbridge, Picton

    This Perry Napoleonic Blister pack contains 3 mounted figures of Wellington, Uxbridge & Picton
  • Royal Horse Artillery firing 6pdr

    This Perry Blister pack contains Royal Horse Artillery firing 6pdr