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Tanks Tanks


  • 25pdr Field Troop

    25pdr Field Troop

    £20.00 save 25%
  • German Panzer II L 'Luchs'

    A light reconnaissance tank, the Ausf. L was the only Panzer II design with the overlapping road wheels to enter series production. Originally given the experimental designation VK1303, it was adopted under the alternate name Panzerspahwagen II and given the popular name Luchs (Lynx). The Luchs was larger than the Ausf. G, was equipped with a six speed transmission plus reverse and could reach a speed of 60 km/h with a range of 290 km.

    Flames Of War contents: this blister pack contains 1x German Panzer II L 'Luchs'

    £20.00 save 25%
  • Honey Armoured Troop

    Honey Armoured Troop
    £30.00 save 25%
  • Hornisse Tank-hunter Platoon

    Hornisse Tank-hunter Platoon includes two resin and metal Hornisse Tank-hunters and one Unit card.
    The Hornisse (Hornet) was another brand new vehicle rushed to the front to take part in Operation Citadel. The vehicle was armed with the new and powerful 8.8cm PaK43 gun, the same found in the Ferdinand heavy tank-hunters.
    Built on the Panzer IV hull, the Hornisse was easy to maintain, and devastated Soviet armour wherever they were stationed. It had 30mm of hull front armour, but only 10mm on its superstructure. It had a crew of four and an additional machine gun for local and anti-aircraft defence.
    £17.50 save 25%
  • Marder (7.62cm) Tank-hunter Platoon

    Contains 4 Marder (7.62cm) self-propelled tank hunters
    Contains 4 Marder (7.62cm) self-propelled tank hunters
    £29.00 save 25%
  • Panzer II Light Tank Platoon

    Contains 5 Panzer II light tanks
    £33.00 save 25%
  • Panzer III Tank Platoon (GBX96)

    Panzer III Tank Platoon (GBX96) includes five plastic Panzer III tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheets and seven Unit cards.
    £30.00 save 25%
  • Panzer IV (late) Tank Platoon

    Panzer IV Tank Platoon (GBX97) includes five plastic Panzer IV tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheet and five Unit cards.

    £30.00 save 10%
  • Panzer IV Platoon

    Panzer IV Platoon (x5 Plastic)

    £30.00 save 25%
  • Sd-Kfz-231-Heavy-Scout-Troop

    Contains 4 Sd Kfz 231 heavy scout cars
    £29.00 save 25%
  • Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon

    Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon GBX107
    2x Plastic Tiger Tanks
    1 x Plastic Tank Commander Sprue
    1 x Decal Sheet
    1 x Unit Card
    £12.00 save 10%
  • Wespe Artillery Battery

    Wespe Artillery Battery includes three resin and metal Wespe Self-propelled Guns and one Unit card.
    The Wespe (Wasp) self-propelled howitzer first saw action at Kursk in 1943. Based on the reliable Panzer II chassis, the vehicle proved well suited for supporting armoured units. Its weapon was the standard 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer, which provided excellent artillery firepower to the panzer divisions they supported.
    The initial Wespe units had their first major engagement at Kursk and performed well in the initial phases suppressing the defending Russian troops as the Panzers rolled forward.
    £20.00 save 25%
  • German Flammpanzer III M

    The Flammpanzer III, based on the Panzer III M, was issued to units on the Russian front after the fall of Stalingrad. Intended for use in cities or close country vs infantry in prepared defences, it proved a lethal addition to the German army.

    Flames Of War contents: this blister pack contains 1x German Flammpanzer III M

    £8.00 save 40%
  • German King Tiger

    Even as the Tiger IE was proving itself on the battlefields of the eastern front the German high command had already begun requesting an even more powerful heavy tank, which eventually became the Tiger II. The Tiger went into production in early 1944 and a total of 487 (of 1500 ordered) were made before the end of the war. The first use of the Tiger II in combat was in Normandy on 18 July 1944 with schwere Panzerabteilung 503. It was first used on the Eastern Front on 12 August 1944 with schwere Panzerabteilung 501 against the Baranov bridgehead across the Vistula River in Poland.
    This Flames Of War box set contains:
    • 1 German Konigstiger
    • 1 Henschel Turret
    • 1 Porsche Turret
    • 1 Tiger Ace Dice
    £14.50 save 10%


  • Panzer III (Late) Tank Platoon (Plastic)

    Includes five plastic Panzer III (Late) tanks, one Decal sheet and four Unit cards.
    The 7.5cm gun version of the Panzer III proved an able support weapon but by the summer of 1943, despite its long and proven battle record, the tank was starting to show its age. To remedy this, it was uparmoured to bring it up to date. 

    £30.00 save 10%