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Warmachine Accessories

Warmachine Accessories Warmachine Accessories


  • Ultra Pro Satin Finish Deck Box

    Magic The Gathering 2015 Deck Box to store and protect standard sized cards. Holds up to 100 Standard Size Cards in Ultra•PRO Deck Protectors Sleeves. Accessory compartment in the bottom. (Sleeves, cards not included)
  • Premium Pro Binder

    Premium Pro Binder 9 pockets with debossed Ultra PRO logo. Cover is designed with padded leatherette look. Black web material gives cards a classic framed look and is embossed for easy slide-in of cards. Side loading pocket design to prevent cards from easily falling out. Elastic strap holds the binder shut when not in use. All materials made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material. Holds 360 cards in Ultra Pro Deck Protector sleeves. (Cards not included)
  • Warmachine Objective Markers

    Representing battlefield commodities such as warjack parts, ammo cache, and food stores, these resin objective markers add style and panache to your gaming table and scenarios.

    This blister pack contains 3 Warmachine Objective Markers
    PIP 91067
    £10.95 save 10%
  • Warmachine Quick Measuring Set

    This official Warmachine measuring key set (PIP 91085) includes one multi purpose measuring key, one small-base blast measuring key, one medium-base blast measuring key, and one large-base blast measuring key. Use these tools to precisely measure melee ranges, distance to targets with stealth, line-of-sight through forests, and blast areas around directly hit models.

    PIP 91085
  • Warmachine Faction Template Set

    Warmachine Faction Template Set includes a circular template, a spray template, and a measuring key. The measuring key allows quick confirmation of short distances and includes marks establishing model volume for line of sight. The spray template allows easy measuring of sprays or movement of up to 10 inches. The circular template allows for accurate measurement of AOEs, and the deviation compass marks allow you to accurately determine AOE placement.

    PIP 91130
  • Warmachine MK3 Token Set

    Warmachine MK3 Token Set. Each of these faction-specific token sets includes 10 focus tokens sporting the faction’s color and symbol in addition to over 30 status tokens for tracking spells and in-game effects. The spell tokens are completely customizable, so you won’t have to spend time fishing around for the right token or carry multiple sets for different warcasters. Just mark the token with a dry-erase marker and get back to the action in seconds! Made from high-quality plastic, WARMACHINE token sets arm players with everything they need for the front lines!

    This official WARMACHINE token set includes 10 focus tokens, 5 spell tokens, 5 upkeep spell tokens, 5 customizable faction tokens, 3 power tokens, 3 Disruption tokens, 10 dug in tokens, 4 knocked down tokens, 1 shield wall token, and 4 token stands.

    PIP 91115
  • Hordes MK3 Token Set

    Hordes MK3 Token Set. Official customizable wet- or dry-erase capable WARMACHINE and HORDES tokens take your games to the next level! This faction set includes key tokens to get any player right into the action of a game of WARMACHINE and HORDES.

    Each HORDES set contains:

    • 20 Fury tokens
    • 10 General Effect tokens
    • 5 Spell tokens
    • 5 Animus tokens
    • 5 Upkeep Spell tokens

    By combining them with our Universal Effect Token Sets, you will always have the right token at your fingertips whenever you need it.

    PIP 91125
  • Warmachine & Hordes Universal Effect Tokens

    Warmachine & Hordes Universal Effect Tokens cut through the fog of war. Official WARMACHINE and HORDES tokens are vibrant and visible, these effect tokens make marking and remembering in-play effects a snap, even in the thick of the action!

    PIP 91122
  • Warmachine Cygnar Paint Set

    This Warmchine Cygnar Paint Set contains the following P3 acrylic paint pots:
    Cygnar Blue Base Cygnar Blue Highlight Ironhull Grey Cygnus Yellow Arcane Blue Rucksack Tan
    PIP 93001
  • Warmachine Khador Colours Paint Set

    The Formula P3 Khador Colours Paint Set includes key colours for painting Khador miniatures. This Warmachine box set contains 1 Formula P3 Khador Colours Paint Set containing:
    • 1 Formula P3 Battlefield Brown 18ml paint pot
    • 1 Formula P3 Greatcoat Grey paint pot
    • 1 Formula P3 Khador Red Base paint pot
    • 1 Formula P3 Khador Red Highlight paint pot
    • 1 Formula P3 Khardic Flesh paint pot
    • 1 Formula P3 Thornwood Green paint pot
    PIP 93003
  • Warmachine Cryx Paint Set

    This Warmchine Cygnar Paint Set contains the following P3 acrylic paint pots:
    Cryx Bane Base Cryx Bane Highlight Blighted Gold Thrall Flesh 'Jack Bone Necrotite Green
    PIP 93004
  • Warmachine Mercenary Paint Set

    This Formula P3 Mercenary Colours Paint Set includes key colours for painting Mercenary miniatures as follows:
    • 1 Bastion Grey 
    • 1 Battledress Green 
    • 1 Exile Blue
    • 1 Gun Corps Brown 
    • 1 Hammerfall Khaki
    • 1 Traitor Green
    PIP 93005