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Grymkin Grymkin

New Releases


  • The King of Nothing Grymkin Warlock

    The King of Nothing Grymkin Warlock wants nothing more than to be left alone. Rejecting Menoth’s desire to see humanity band together, the King of Nothing wishes to have no part in society. Having been cast down as a Defier, he rules over an empty, barren wasteland. And like any good king, he desires to see its borders expand. Base Size: 30mm Model Materials: Metal, Resin Model Count: 1 Packaging: Blister

    PIP 76001
    £12.95 save 10%
  • The Child Grymkin Warlock

    The Child Grymkin Warlock
    PIP 76002
    £29.95 save 10%
  • Dreamer and Phantasms Grymkin Warlock

    Dreamer and Phantasms Grymkin Warlock
    PIP 76003
    £43.75 save 10%
  • The Heretic Grymkin Warlock

    The Heretic Grymkin Warlock
    PIP 76004
    £15.95 save 10%
  • The Wanderer Grymkin Solo

    The Wanderer Grymkin Solo
    PIP 76005
    £18.95 save 10%
  • Zevanna Battle Engine

    Zevanna Battle Engine
    PIP 76006
    £108.75 save 10%
  • Skin & Moans Grymkin Heavy Warbeast

    Skin & Moans Grymkin Heavy Warbeast
    PIP 76007
    £29.95 save 10%
  • Rattler Grymkin Light Warbeast

    Rattler Grymkin Light Warbeast, named for the jangling of the iron links that wrap it as it trembles with feral hatred for the Defiers’ corrupt foes, the gaunt rattler is the most spiteful nightmare serving the Wicked Harvest. Catching sight of the enemy throws a rattler into a mad rage, and in this frenzy it hurtles into crowds of the unfortunate to lay waste with its bladed claws.

    Base Size: 40mm
    Model Materials: Plastic
    Model Count: 1
    Packaging: Box
    PIP 76008
    £21.95 save 10%
  • Cage Rager Grymkin Heavy Warbeast

    Cage Rager Grymkin Heavy Warbeast, thunderous and ponderous and ten timbers thick, the Cage Rager stuffs its cells with the bodies of the wicked for its masters’ harvest. Within this confinement their torments mount, and the Cage Rager harnesses their sweet terror to help the Defiers bend the world to their will. Base Size: 50mm Model Materials: Plastic Model Count: 1 Packaging: Box

    PIP 76009
    £29.95 save 10%
  • Gorehound Grymkin Light Warbeast

    Gorehound Grymkin Light Warbeast hunts far and wide at its masters’ bidding. Its long tongue tastes the air for the sweet taint of corruption as it stalks its prey. Once a stonehearted coward falls within its grasp, the gorehound leisurely sups on the victim’s fear and flesh—a just reward for callousness.

    Base Size: 40mm
    Model Materials: Plastic
    Model Count: 1
    Packaging: Box
    PIP 76010
    £15.95 save 10%
  • Frightmare Grymkin Warbeast

    Frightmare Grymkin Warbeast
    PIP 76011
    £15.95 save 10%
  • Crabbit Grymkin Lesser Warbeast

    Crabbit Grymkin Lesser Warbeast
    PIP 76012
    £11.95 save 10%