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Grymkin Heavy Warbeast Clockatrice

Grymkin Heavy Warbeast Clockatrice


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Grymkin Heavy Warbeast Clockatrice

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    Three arcane spell casters form the Greylord Ternion, armed with magic that can freeze a man in his tracks or tear him apart in a cone of icy shards. contents: this blister pack contains 3x Khador Greylord Ternion Spellcasters

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  • Warmachine Khador Doom Reavers Greylord Escort

    Only the most courageous of Warmachine Greylords are chosen to accompany the barbarous Doom Reavers into battle. Moving amidst the Doom Reavers like a handler of vicious beasts, the Greylord carries a staff of Orgoth origin. His will is exerted through this dark artifact, restraining the Warmachine Doomreavers from murdering one another when they rip into the enemy. Gaping wounds close of their own accord as the Orgoth weapons chatter obscenely amongst themselves.

    This Warmachine blister pack contains 1 Khador Doom Reaver Greylord Escort

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  • Grolar or Kodiak Warmachine Khador

    Grolar or Kodiak was developed to support Khador’s renowned 5th Border Legion, the Kodiak is a rugged, all-terrain war machine built to fight in close quarters and dense forests. The Kodiak is instilled with a mechanikal instinct for pugilism and metal-wrenching violence, and nothing can withstand its steam-driven assaults. The mighty Grolar shares the Kodiak’s boiler and chassis but uses that strength and speed to deliver crushing blows with its piston hammer before finishing with a withering hail of auto cannon shells.

    Product Information

    • Base Size: 50mm
    • PIP Code: 33093
    • Model Materials: Plastic
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  • The Child Grymkin Warlock

    The Child Grymkin Warlock

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  • Witch Aelves Daughters of Khaine

    Witch Aelves Daughters of Khaine is a multi-part plastic kit containing the components necessary to assemble a set of 10 miniatures. They wear lightweight, minimal armour in order to move and flow more freely in their devotional bloodlust – what armour is there is beautifully ornate, finished by high leather boots. Each Witch Aelf carries a pair of wickedly sharp sacrificial knives, and they’re all posed in an appropriate pirouetting stance. There are 12 heads in the kit – 6 pairs of individual designs – each of which comes with an additional headdress. The leader of the unit, the Hag, can be identified by the extra-spiky headdress she wears. There are 2 banners with 3 different banner tops for standard bearers and a horn to denote the unit’s hornblower.

    Witch Aelves for Warhammer Age of Sigmar come as 67 components, and are supplied with 10 Citadel 25mm Round bases and a banner transfer sheet. This kit can be optionally used to assemble 10 Sisters of Slaughter.

  • Grymkin Unit Malady Man & Monkey (2) all metal

    Not all music is pleasing to the ear, and it is with discordant, off-kilter harmonics and an uneven tempo that the Malady Man plays his fiendish instrument. He punishes those who lack conviction and are easily distracted to abandon work or to neglect their wards. Soldiers who stray from watch posts, mothers who let their children wander off, or laborers who stand idly by more than they work, all have been transfixed by the sound of his hand-cranked organ before being torn apart by the deranged monkey that joins him.

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    Grymkin Solo Grave Ghoul

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