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Games Workshop Purity Seal Spray Can

Games Workshop Purity Seal Spray Can


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Applying an overall protective coating of acrylic or polyurethane varnish to your completed Games Workshop models serves two functions. The most obvious is to enable the models to be handled without excessively wearing or chipping the paint. The other reason is to give the model an overall consistent appearance - generally to remove any unwanted shininess from inks or gloss varnish.

This can contains 400ml of varnish. Games Workshop Purity Seal has a semi-matt or satin finish that is very much like the natural sheen of the paint itself.

Due to airport regulations spray cans cannot be sold to customers outside the United Kingdom. All colours shown are approximate

Due to airport regulations spray cans cannot be sold to customers outside the United Kingdom. All colours shown are approximate

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    PIP 93072
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