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Frightmare Grymkin Warbeast

Frightmare Grymkin Warbeast


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Frightmare Grymkin Warbeast
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    Prayer alone does not maintain the warjacks of the Protectorate. The mechaniks who learn their trade from the Vassals of Menoth view their duties as a holy necessity. They follow the Protectorate's warjacks into the thick of battle, using them as moving fortresses. Armed only with his tools, the mechanik's greatest weapon is his expertise to keep the warjacks running no matter how severe their damage. contents: this blister pack contains 1x Protectorate of Menoth Vassal Mechanik
    PIP 32064
  • Grymkin Gremlin Swarm Minions Hordes

    Mischievous and malicious in the extreme, gremlins delight in rooting around in mechanikal constructs with the intent of causing as much damage as possible for their own amusement. These mysterious grymkin are attracted to the hiss and clank of warjacks on the battlefield and have been known to bring mechanized weaponry grinding to a halt at the most inopportune times.

    Hordes Product Information

    • Base Size: 40mm
    • PIP Code: 75053
    • Model Materials: White Metal
    • Model Count: 1
    • Packaging: Blister
    PIP 75053
  • Glimmer Imp Grymkin Solo

    Glimmer Imp Grymkin Solo
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  • Cask Imp Grymkin Solo

    Cask Imp Grymkin Solo
    PIP 76023
  • Dead Rots Grymkin Unit

    Dead Rots Grymkin Unit, twisted terrors with pumpkins for heads. Wielding cruel implements with rusty blades, these creatures single out wicked and exploitative mortals living at the fringes of civilization for punishment. Now they serve their masters in battle, emerging from the loamy soil to reap a bloody harvest upon humanity.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 30mm
    • Model Materials: Plastic
    • Model Count: 10
    • Packaging: Box
    PIP 76015
  • Dreamer and Phantasms Grymkin Warlock

    Dreamer and Phantasms Grymkin Warlock chose to live within the more pleasing confines of her own dreamworld. Existence itself conforms to her slumbering visions or is punished for its resistance. Freed from Urcaen with the other Defiers, the Dreamer imposes her phantasmal will upon the mortals of the Iron Kingdoms.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 30mm 40mm 50mm
    • Model Materials: Metal, Resin
    • Model Count: 4
    • Packaging: Box
    PIP 76003
  • Rattler Grymkin Light Warbeast

    Rattler Grymkin Light Warbeast, named for the jangling of the iron links that wrap it as it trembles with feral hatred for the Defiers’ corrupt foes, the gaunt rattler is the most spiteful nightmare serving the Wicked Harvest. Catching sight of the enemy throws a rattler into a mad rage, and in this frenzy it hurtles into crowds of the unfortunate to lay waste with its bladed claws.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 40mm
    • Model Materials: Plastic
    • Model Count: 1
    • Packaging: Box
    PIP 76008
  • The Wanderer Grymkin Solo

    The Wanderer Grymkin Solo once wished only to go where he pleased until his confinement within the depths of Urcaen drove him mad. Now freed from that hell, he roams the world seeking those marked by sin to deliver upon them his own twisted and tortuous justice.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 30mm
    • Model Materials: Metal, Resin
    PIP 76005
  • Zevanna Battle Engine

    Zevanna Battle Engine has many plans in motion. Only time will reveal her true goals, but for now she is content to join in the chaos the grymkin bring. Her hope is that those fated for greatness will be strengthened by the crucible of the Wicked Harvest and that the Defiers will aid in forestalling an otherwise imminent doom.

    Warmachine Product Description:

    • Base Size: 120mm
    • Model Materials: Metal, Resin Model
    • Count: 1
    • Packaging: Box 
    PIP 76006
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