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Dracula's America

Dracula's America The Wild West Horror game from Osprey Games, with official figures from North Star.


  • Dracula's America Forbidden Power

    Since Dracula's rise to power a shadow has swept across the nation, but nowhere is it darker than in the Deep South. Throughout the plantations, swamps, and cities, rumours abound of grotesque rituals, hooded figures, and bizarre creatures. Most terrifying of all, however, are the whispers of ancient magic - unspeakable arcane rituals and occult powers that can lead those who wield them towards mystical supremacy… or reduce them to gibbering wrecks.

    This new supplement for Dracula's America: Shadows of the West introduces two new factions: the corrupt cultists of the Church of Dagon and the Salem Sisterhood, occult practitioners whose history dates back to the early Colonies. New stealth rules allow for all manner of sneaky and underhanded tactics, while expanded rules for arcane powers offer glory but could cost you your sanity. Alongside these are a host of new scenarios, Hired Guns, monsters, skills, and gear to challenge or assist those who dare venture into the Deep South of Dracula's America.
  • Spirit Creatures

    Three metal unpainted models of the spirit creatures.
  • The Sisters & Guardian

    The three Sisters (Maid, Mother, Crone) and their Guardian, are the essential members of the Salem Sisterhood posse.

    4 models, 28mm sized, made of metal, supplied unpainted.
  • Hired Guns II

    Hired Guns for Dracula's America.
    The Bounty Hunter, The Gravedigger and the Eldricht Investigator.

    Three 28mm sized metal miniatures, supplied unpainted. (The investigator requires glue to assemble)
  • Church of Dagon

    The essential members of any Church of Dagon Posse are the Priest and the Hybrids. This pack provides you with those figures, adding them to one of your existing Posses turns it to the Church of Dagon!

    Three 28mm sized metal miniatures, supplied unpainted.
  • Cultist of Dagon

    Three Cultist's of Dagon. Perfect for your Church of Dagon Posse, or to use as unfriendly natives in the swamps of the Deep South.

    Thrre 28mm sized metal miniatures, supplied unpainted.
  • Emissaries of Dagon

    From out of the swamps they come, walking barefoot as if out for a gentle stroll – attractive men and women who speak with melodious voices of the return of Father Dagon, and of the rewards due those who serve him. Those who try to strike down these favoured servants of Dagon are lashed by the glistening tentacles that endlessly coil around the Emissary's body.

    . Pack contains two figures and three tentacles. 28mm sized metal models, supplied unpainted.
  • The Salem Sisterhood Posse

    A ready made Posse to use in the game Dracula's America: Forbidden Power.

    When the Pilgrim Fathers first landed in America, amongst them was a coven of white witches from an ancient society known simply as the Sisterhood. These secretive protectors of Humanity consisted of female Arcanists from select bloodlines and their male relatives who acted as their protectors and guardians.

    Joining this Faction means your Posse is led by the powerful white witches of the Sisterhood, in tune with the Arcane balance of the natural world. Alone, they are vulnerable – when used as a Coven, their mastery of Arcane Power grows exponentially!

    The Salem Sisterhood is made up of 8 figures:
    1x Maiden
    1x Crone
    1x Mother
    1x Guardian
    4x Gunfighters (2 with pistols, 1 with Shotgun, 1 with rifle).

    All miniatures are 28mm sized. The Gunfighter Miniatures are taken from Artizan Design Wild West packs.

    Metal figures, supplied unpainted.
  • The Church of Dagon Posse

    A ready made Posse to use in the game Dracula's America: Forbidden Power.

    Joining this Faction means throwing in your lot with deranged fanatics who live and die to serve unspeakable eldritch horrors from another dimension. Beware – the rewards are great, but the price may be far greater!

    The Church of Dagon is made up of 8 figures:
    1x Priest of Dagon
    1x Emissary of Dagon
    1x Tentacled Hybrid
    1x Scaley Hybrid
    4x Cultists of Dagon (3 with pistols, 1 with rifle).

    All miniatures are 28mm sized.

    Metal figures, supplied unpainted.
  • The Kin Posse

    A ready made Posse to use in the game Dracula's America.
    The Kin are a faction that does not feature in any of the Dracula's America books. They are a Posse of Ghoulish Cannibals, and the rules for using them come as a separate printed sheet with each purchase, exclusively from North Star only.

    The Kin is made up of 8 figures:
    1x Patriach
    2x Ghouls, Gator and Grady
    1x Grandpa with pistol and jug
    1x Grannie with Rifle
    1x Daisy with pistol
    1x Darrel with pistol and banjo
    1x Big Merle with pistol and meat hook

    All miniatures are 28mm sized.

    Metal figures, supplied unpainted.