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  • Age Of Sigmar Command and Status Dice

    Age Of Sigmar Command and Status Dice allow you to keep track of your Command Points and the status of any unit in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar with this set of 20 6-sided dice. When a Warscroll Battalion is fielded, each confers 1 Command Point to the player – these are spent on Command Abilities, which have the potential to turn the tide of battle when deployed. 

    12 of the dice in this set feature numbers which allow you to keep track of the points you’ve spent – enough to keep a fairly large game under control. 8 of the dice are used to show a variety of combat statuses as outlined in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules – Mystic Shield, Run, Charge, Retreat, Hidden and Inspired – making it easy to keep track of the statuses conferred on your models as the game progresses.
    £12.50 save 20%
  • Age Of Sigmar Scenery Dice

    Age Of Sigmar Scenery Dice is is a set of 20 dice, featuring both numbers and the relevant symbols from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules – simply roll and let fate decide the terrain rules you’ll be using, then use each die as a handy marker to remind you which scenery piece is using which rule.

    £12.50 save 20%
  • Army Painter Wargaming Dice

    Wargaming Dice
    30 dice (main colour)
    6 dice (different colour)
    No matter what your favourite type of Wargame – you can never have dice enough. This pack of 14mm Wargaming dice offers the best value in the Hobby, as it includes not only 30 dice, but also 6 opposingly coloured dice useful for the champion, specialist weapon or important saves. Fast dice rolling and no confusion over which dice belongs to what or who…
    Variants are
    Red with Black
    Black with Red
    Blue with White
    Green with White
    White with Black
  • Blood Bowl Ogre Team Dice Set

    When it comes to dice, what could be more Fire Mountain than grey faux-rock and bright red markings? Actual stone dice that are actually on fire would, we suppose, but that’s just not safe around all these miniatures. Grab a set of these themed dice, guaranteed (probably) to roll well and bring many victories and much glory to your Ogre team.
    This set includes:
    – 3x Blood Bowl Block dice
    – 2x 6-sided dice with the Ogre team icon on the 6
    – 1x 8-sided dice
    – 1x 16-sided dice

  • Blood Bowl: Dice Set

    Blood Bowl is a game of strategy, and lots – and lots – of luck. As a Blood Bowl coach, you’ll be called on to utilise a unique set of dice to resolve various in-game tests like throwing the ball and smashing the opposing team into the dirt. This universal set includes all of the dice you need to play, in an attractive red colour with white markings.
    – 3 Blood Bowl Block dice
    – 2 6-sided dice
    – 1 8-sided dice
    – 1 16-sided dice
  • Bolt Action Dice Bag and Orders Dice

    Bolt Action Dice Bag and Orders Dice
    Make a choice:
    • Black Dice Bag and Grey with Red Order Dice
    • Allied Star Dice Bag and Green with Black Order Dice
    • Soviet Dice Bag and Red with Yellow Order Dice
    • German Dice Bag and Grey with Black Order Dice
    • Imperial Japanese Dice Bag and White with Red Order Dice
    £27.00 save 10%
  • Bolt Action Orders Dice

    Pack contains 10 Warlord Games order dice.


    Choose your flavour from the options menu

    £15.00 save 10%
  • Bolt Action Themed Dice

    Pack contains 16 Warlord Games order dice.

  • Games Workshop Dice Cube

    A hard-wearing, tough plastic cube containing 20 black 12mm dice with skull icons in place of the 1, this dice cube features an embossed skull lid (you can never have too many skulls, after all) and is stackable – create your very own multicoloured henge of dice!

    Supplied randomly in one of the following colours:

    • Black
    • Red
    • Bone
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • Green
    £5.50 save 9%
  • Imperial Navy Dice Set

    Beseech the blessings of the Emperor for your Imperial Navy aircraft with this set of six-sided Aeronautica Imperialis dice. After all, who knows what dangers await beyond the next cloud (or plume of poisonous gas, nuclear mushroom cloud, etc.)?
    The eight dice in this set measure 16mm x 16mm and feature an Aeronautica Imperialis icon in place of a 6. The dice are supplied in a clear plastic dice cube.
    £10.00 save 10%
  • Necromunda Dice Set

    This set contains all of the dice you need to play Necromunda, in a flame colour scheme with black markings.
    - 3 Necromunda Injury dice
    - 1 Necromunda Scatter die
    - 1 Necromunda Ammo die
    - 3 D6 with the Necromunda logo on the '6'
    £10.00 save 10%
  • Necromunda Enforcer Patrol Dice Set

    They say that justice is blind and so is luck, so what better way to bring law and order to the underhive than with these special Palanite Enforcer dice. These 8 16mm dice are dark silver with a black swirl effect and yellow numbers/icons.
    This set contains:
    – 3 Six-sided dice with Enforcer icon on the 6
    – 2 Necromunda Ammo dice
    – 2 Necromunda Injury dice
    – 1 Necromunda Scatter dice
  • Ork Flyboyz Dice Set

    If you want to channel the luck of Gork (or possibly Mork) in your games of Aeronautica Imperialis, you’ll want this set of eight red dice. After all, all Orks believe that ‘da red wunz go fasta!’ and dice are no different!
    The dice measure 16mm x 16mm and feature an Ork pilot glyph in place of a 6. The dice are supplied in a clear plastic dice cube.
    £10.00 save 10%
  • White Scars Dice

    Show your allegiance to the mighty White Scars with their own dice set! The 20 white dice each feature a White Scars icon in place of a 6 and an Apothecarion Prime Helix icon in place of a 1. In addition, instead of traditional pips on each dice face, the numbers are indicated by red lightning flashes.
    £20.00 save 10%