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Commander Shadowsun

Commander Shadowsun


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O’Shaserra, Commander Shadowsun, is a superlative warrior and a masterful tactician. She leaps around the battlefield in her XV22 battlesuit, using its advanced targeting systems and sophisticated cloaking technology to identify her prey and stalk them unseen. With her wide array of deadly weapons she is the bane of almost any foe – her fusion blasters make a mockery of heavy armour, her missile pod cracks open light vehicles and her flechette launcher shreds any who get too close with a hail of razor-sharp shot.
As the undisputed master of Kauyon – the military strategy of the Fire Caste known as the Patient Hunter – O’Shaserra is a consummate general and will make the perfect Warlord for your T’au Empire army.
Shadowsun’s cutting-edge battlesuit is equipped with a flechette launcher, two high-energy fusion blasters (either of which can be replaced with a dispersed fusion blaster), a light missile pod and a pulse pistol. She is also accompanied by one MV37 Advanced Guardian Drone and one MV62 Command-link Drone.
This kit is supplied in 52 plastic components and contains 1x Citadel 50mm Round Base, 2x Citadel 32mm Round Bases and 2x Long Flying Stems.
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