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Command Book Cygnar Hard Cover

Command Book Cygnar Hard Cover


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Clouds of gun smoke and brilliantly arcing lightning accompany the blue and gold of Cygnar into battle. Beset by enemies on all sides, this great nation stands resolute thanks to its heroic warcasters, advanced warjacks, and stalwart soldiers. Wielding weapons that harness the power of the storm itself and imbued with unshakeable resolve, the proud warcasters of Cygnar march to battle beside the most sophisticated warjacks of the age. Backed by highly trained professional soldiers such as long gunners, trenchers, and the illustrious Sword Knights, the army of Cygnar represents an elite fighting force more than ready to confront any who would are threaten the principles of freedom for which Cygnar stands.
Forces of WARMACHINE: Cygnar Command provides the foundation you need to take up the fight for the Cygnus with:
• Complete rules and profiles for the brave warcasters and cutting-edge warjacks of Cygnar, including two new warcasters and a new character warjack.
• Detailed history and background information, including an in-depth look at Cygnar's warcasters and warjacks.
• A painting guide full of tips and inspiration to help you create an army as individual as you are.
• Two new theme forces that allow you to create specialized Cygnar armies with specific benefits.
  • Detailed Images

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